The does and don’ts of Christmas gifts


img_1733The last few Christmas’ have been brilliant the only downfall was the gifts. OK, as you get older the gifts become less extravagant and more practical (boring)! But when you write a very thorough list for your other half you expect a certain level of gift. Unfortunately that is not what happens.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh I did receive a couple of my listed items but it’s like they say on Friends “always stick to the list!” This does not mean; I want a Nikki Clark hairdryer and I get the cheapest one you can find that smells when turned on.

Sometimes the list is not even considered and instead I receive window wipers and clothing that is far too big for me – it’s like he’s never saw me before!

So, this year I thought I’d make a list of my Christmas gifts does and don’ts.


…read the list.
…ask close relatives and friends for advice if unsure.
…listen out for subtle hints or blatant ones!


…just Google ‘gifts for women’.
…move away from the list, it’s there for a reason.
…buy items if you don’t know their size – can cause arguments.

Remember – be open and honest about gift giving you don’t want people to waste their money.


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