The Best Christmas Films

So, many say that Love Actually is the best Christmas film but not to me. I mean it’s good and I enjoy it but it’s not Christmassy enough for me, or childish enough!

Every year I have a selection of films I must watch and during this time I also make my family watch these Christmas films – whether they want to or not.

Home Alone

To me this is the ultimate Christmas film I even had the Kevin doll as a child who said many phrases from the film!

I’m guessing most people already know the story but just in case you’ve been living under a rock here’s a brief overview.

There’s a young fellow that goes by the name Kevin (played by 90’s fav Macaulay Culkin). He is the child of a rich US family who live in a gorgeous house. The whole family is over for Christmas including cousins, auntie’s, uncle’s etc. etc. They are preparing to go on holiday for the festive period. The night before they plan on travelling Kevin is told off for being naughty (although he’s not naughty his older brother Biff is) and is sent to sleep in the attic. But before he falls asleep he wishes his family would disappear.

When morning comes the family head to the airport forgetting Kevin is sleeping in the attic. Left in the home all alone he begins to have fun, eating junk and watching rubbish. This is all good until he realises that thieves are planning on rob the house, at that point he plans to protect his home, planting traps and overcoming his fears.

The Nativity (1 obvs!)

It surprises me how many people have never seen this film, they’ve watched 2 and 3 but not the first one which in my opinion is the only good one.

This film is all about a group of primary school children preparing for their nativity. But when they get a substitute teacher called Mr Poppy things get a little out of control and their teacher gets caught up in a lie that could lose him his job.

What I like about this film are the subtle glimpses of reality. For example whilst the children perform the nativity some are fidgeting, others are not smiling and others are nervous. This is much better than watching a group of trained kids being perfect.

The Santa Clause

A fabulously festive film staring Tim Allen as Santa Clause/ Scott Calvin. Scott is a divorced and busy father who has his son for Christmas day and it’s pretty boring until on Christmas Eve night there’s a bump on the roof. When they go outside to investigate it turns out it’s Santa but when they surprise him he falls off the roof and vanishes. Now Scott must put on the suit and play the role of Santa but it’s not just for the night.

This is a must see film that everyone will enjoy.


So, most people probably love A Christmas Carol with Scrooge but I love this version. This is an adult take on the Christmas classic. Starring Bill Murray you have to watch this film from 1988.

Jingle All The Way

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger this is a brilliant film for all the family. It may not be about Santa but it’s a great take on a parents Christmas experience. As a father Howard (Arnold) has the task of purchasing his son’s (Jamie) dream Christmas present which proves to be impossible when it’s  sold out everywhere. Eventually Jamie receives his gift but not in the way you’d expect.

There are obviously many other Christmas films I enjoy like The Grinch and Elf but these are my favourites.


Merry Christmas Guys x.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Over the last few days I’ve seen an influx of Christmas tree related posts across social media. Which makes a change from the wedding and baby photos I’m so used to seeing! I actually enjoy looking at everyone’s Christmas trees, but one thing I have noticed this year is that everyone has very different tastes.

Some go for the simplistic baubles and lights on black or white tree and others prefer the scattered approach of fit as much on as possible. I like to look at all of them, in a way they a little like a piece of art in everyone’s home.

I have a few simple rules when it comes to my tree which is why we have two, one for all and one for Mum labelled “DO NOT TOUCH”. Firstly I don’t like coloured lights on my tree or too much tinsel – unless the tinsel is the thick kind. Secondly I like it to feature all aspects of Christmas from the children’s home made decorations to the more traditional elements.

My Christmas Tree


But what I want to know is the history of trees because in some ways it is a little strange chopping down a tree and bringing it in doors, who thought of such a thing?

The History of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has been used to celebrate Christmas for centuries. It is the idea of ‘evergreen’ that has inspired the use of the tree. Romans used fir tree’s to decorate temples and Christians used it as a symbol of ever lasting life.

Many pictures from the 1500’s show trees being paraded around the streets of Germany. Others display the Christmas trees being hung from ceilings in place of chandeliers!

Decorations varied with people using whatever they could find like candles, fresh fruit and paper. I can’t imagine we moved away from candles! In Germany trees were decorated with gingerbread and other edible decorations.

There are many stories about the history of the Christmas tree but it seems that no one knows the true story.

If you’re looking for Christmas tree inspiration try your local garden centre!