Alpine Ball


This is a post I should have written before Christmas, but such is life!

The Alpine Ball at Antree Race Course holds a themed Christmas party every year, in 2015 we enjoyed the ‘Big Band’ theme (my fav) and in 2016 it was the Alpine Ball. Both occasions were the perfect time to get dressed up and enjoy the Christmas cheer.

The Dress


Initially I wanted to wear a long furry coat but did not leave myself enough time to find one, so ended up getting a Christmas candy swing dress. I really like this and know that I will wear it in the future so it’s a good purchase.


For the price of 50 pounds pp you got food too, a full three course meal which was yummy. The three courses consisted of  a choice three starters, three mains and three desserts. All of which were very nice – I didn’t order all 9 but I tried my friends dishes!


The drinks were quite expensive but what do you expect from a race course.  Although I did get a a double vodka and orange for the price of a double! You also get a free glass of orange or champagne on arrival.


There is entertainment throughout the event from the decoration on arrival and dances, singers and band to the live singing during the meal on the main stage.

There’s also a photographer available if you and your group want a photo shoot. Plus there’s indoor dodgems which was the selling point for most of my friends.


Not sure what the theme will be next year but we will definitely be attending. Hope to see you there!

2017 Fitness Plan


I love musicals and hate the gym! So, I have decided that to help me stay fit I will learn a selection of my favourite dance numbers from the musicals and videos I love. which, I think, is a much better way of staying in shape than going to a gym.

curtain-269920_1920Why I don’t like the gym

Although there are many facilities gyms just bore me, and I’m not fond of sharing my workout time with strangers. For some knowing they’re paying for it makes it more important to use but for me I just get angry that I’m paying for something I could do at home.

I did try a Zumba class but I felt it was too crowded and didn’t really do much for me. Pole dancing was another option – which was awesome but far too expensive for an hours class.

Then one day when I was watching Hairspray Live I decide to learn the final performance- singing and all! That’s when I got the idea – this is how I’m going to stay fit. I did study performing arts in college but when I became pregnant I stopped performing to focus on a more stable career. This broke my heart, but some things are more important than your passion!

The Dances


Hairspray, You Can’t Stop the Beat

Chicago, All That Jazz

Chicago, Cell Block Tango

Chicago, Nowadays

That’s all I am going to focus on right now but here may be a few more added.


How They Grow

I thought things got easier when the children grow up but in fact it gets complicated in a completely different way. You still see them as babies, yet their not, which makes giving them freedom difficult and knowing how much freedom to give them is also a difficult decision.

Honestly, I have no idea. But I figure the best option is to judge what’s right for that particular child. My son is naive and not particularly street wise so every year I give him just a little more freedom, I know eventually he’ll get there and I will have to let go.

It is one of the most difficult things, having to except that they want independence. The first step I took was getting him a mobile phone to use when visiting his dad and to play games. The Alcatel Pop phone is reasonably priced and  you can set limits so as you never to spend too much.

Many of my son’s friends are allowed to walk around the streets to knock for one another but I don’t live in an area where there’s a park nearby instead there is a busy road. This makes it difficult to allow a certain amount of freedom. When I was a young girl our house backed onto a field so I could play out quiet safely with my mum watching from the garden. Instead I arrange for friends to visit and occasionally a day out.

The next step to independence is a couple of nights away! Next year the school have arranged a trip for 3 nights and my son wants to go, in fact he’s really excited. I know that my friends still remember when they went away with the school and they had a fab time – however I did not like staying away from home so I didn’t go. He’s definitely going but it’s extremely nerve racking for me as a mother. I know he’ll have a great time and it will be a good experience for him.

I’m not really looking for any advice but it would be nice to know that other parents are experiencing the same issues.