2017 Fitness Plan


I love musicals and hate the gym! So, I have decided that to help me stay fit I will learn a selection of my favourite dance numbers from the musicals and videos I love. which, I think, is a much better way of staying in shape than going to a gym.

curtain-269920_1920Why I don’t like the gym

Although there are many facilities gyms just bore me, and I’m not fond of sharing my workout time with strangers. For some knowing they’re paying for it makes it more important to use but for me I just get angry that I’m paying for something I could do at home.

I did try a Zumba class but I felt it was too crowded and didn’t really do much for me. Pole dancing was another option – which was awesome but far too expensive for an hours class.

Then one day when I was watching Hairspray Live I decide to learn the final performance- singing and all! That’s when I got the idea – this is how I’m going to stay fit. I did study performing arts in college but when I became pregnant I stopped performing to focus on a more stable career. This broke my heart, but some things are more important than your passion!

The Dances


Hairspray, You Can’t Stop the Beat

Chicago, All That Jazz

Chicago, Cell Block Tango

Chicago, Nowadays

That’s all I am going to focus on right now but here may be a few more added.


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