Presents, presents, presents…


I have never felt pressured when purchasing birthday gifts before, but suddenly this year I have so many I need to buy I’m losing track!

Maybe it’s because all of my friends seem to be popping babies out left, right and centre, or perhaps my son’s making more friends (always a good thing). Either way it’s stressing me out. I love buying presents but I don’t seem to have much time and I really do not want toĀ offend anyone by forgetting their birthday – like last year šŸ˜¦

I usually make lists for everything but have stopped writing as many in recent years (in my personal life). Now I will have to start again just to keep track of all the presents and cards that need purchasing!

The buying is the fun part I just get frustrated when I know I have so many gifts to buy but can’t find the time to pop to the shops. I wouldn’t be content getting anyone chocolates or toiletries (unless they really liked those things) I need to put more thought into the gift and also the wrapping.

Wrapping is hugely important to me, if it’s not wrapped nicely then I’m less excited, so I think time should be put into this process.

Basically this is a pointless post, in fact it’s more of a ‘get it off your chest’ rant and you’ll be glad to know it’s now over!

Sophie x.

House Viewing


After many years of saving I’m finally going to view a house. I am a first time buyer so I know this won’t be the house of my dreams but still I’m looking for potential. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s particularly difficult to find good advice when it comes to a mortgage – unless you have thousands of pounds ready to go.

So, I rang round several independent and chain Ā advisers until I finally found one that was helpful. Now I am finally searching for a nice 3 bedroom home with the potential to extend and make some money once sold.

Today is the day I get to view a property judging from the images it looks well built and maintained on the interior but the exterior needs a lot of work. My main worry is the boiler and electrics rather than the decoration as these are things that will cost a pretty penny.

As my partner seems to think he knows exactly what he’s doing when viewing a property I thought I’d come on here and make my list.

Things to look out for when viewing a property

Once good thing is I don’t need to ask questions about the area, as it’s where I grew up and my Dad lives near, so I’m good there. For me questions to do with the house functions are most important.

  1. Check Plumbing
  2. Check electrics
  3. Look for damp
  4. Check under the sink
  5. Check around the toilet
  6. Look at the guttering
  7. Check for any cracks on walls
  8. Ensure heating works
  9. How many viewings has the property had?
  10. How many offers haveĀ been made and what what were the offers?
  11. Why are the current owners moving?
  12. How long has the property been on the market for?

I’m sure there are many more points but this is my first viewing so at this moment these are my main focus points.

Thanks Sophie x.