Presents, presents, presents…


I have never felt pressured when purchasing birthday gifts before, but suddenly this year I have so many I need to buy I’m losing track!

Maybe it’s because all of my friends seem to be popping babies out left, right and centre, or perhaps my son’s making more friends (always a good thing). Either way it’s stressing me out. I love buying presents but I don’t seem to have much time and I really do not want to offend anyone by forgetting their birthday – like last year 😦

I usually make lists for everything but have stopped writing as many in recent years (in my personal life). Now I will have to start again just to keep track of all the presents and cards that need purchasing!

The buying is the fun part I just get frustrated when I know I have so many gifts to buy but can’t find the time to pop to the shops. I wouldn’t be content getting anyone chocolates or toiletries (unless they really liked those things) I need to put more thought into the gift and also the wrapping.

Wrapping is hugely important to me, if it’s not wrapped nicely then I’m less excited, so I think time should be put into this process.

Basically this is a pointless post, in fact it’s more of a ‘get it off your chest’ rant and you’ll be glad to know it’s now over!

Sophie x.

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