2017 films I can’t wait to see

I love watching films – it takes me away and I get very engrossed, so need a few minutes to myself after watching some films to get back to reality. I’ve never met anyone else that relates to this so would be good to know others are out there!

In general I don’t have time to go searching for unknown and rare films so generally stick to ones I hear about. Here’s my list of films I can’t wait to see this year, obviously there will be more, I just haven’t heard that they’re due for release, yet.

Sandy Wexler

Adam Sandler films are amongst my favourite, they’re so easy to watch and I think most are well written. Take Bedtime Stories and Click as examples, these are brilliant films. I personally like some of his earlier films like Billy Madison and Mr Deeds. The storyline for Sandy Wexler seems like it’s gonna be a  good one, so I’m excited.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I only recently watched the first Kingsman and I have to say the cast were good, the story was good, basically it was all good. There are so many places the second film could go I think it will be great. Although I’m not too sure about Channing Tatum being in it, but at least if the film isn’t great, between him and Taron Egerton it’ll look good.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando’s back in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean and I have to say I’m glad about this.The first will always be my favourite but I hope this one isn’t a let down.

Power Rangers

As a child I loved the Power Rangers and want to see this film – even though I think it’s going to be cheesy! But I won’t judge until I’ve seen it, for all I know it’s amazing. The trailer seems to make it look good so I’m hoping it’ll be closer to a superhero action film than a child’s TV show.

Spider-Man – Homecoming

Now, I do like a superhero film, although not too keen on the latest Spider-man films. Tobey Maguire is my Spider-man and I’m hopingTom Holland will be just as good!


Firstly, I have a son! But who am I kidding this is a must see for me I have enjoyed watching the programme and if the other LEGO films are anything to go by I’m gonna like it.

Sophie x.

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