Mother’s Day is coming…

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Mother’s Day is this weekend and I have to say all I really want is a nice relaxing day. The plan is (weather dependent) going to Llandudno for a walk along the pier, then heading for some food, maybe some fish and chips.

But it’s sometimes nice to receive gifts too! So, here’s my list of potential gift options.

Personalised Mug

If you have children you’ll know that every year during Primary school they create an image of their mum and a personal message to feature in the local newspaper. This year I realised I can get this drawing printed on a mug, coaster, card and chopping board, amongst other things. As I don’t cook but do drink tea I thought it’d be nice to get the mug and bring to work. This gift is top of my list and is only £7.50 inc. p&p.

Make up Brushes

This is slightly boring but I’d like some new makeup brushes. In an ideal world, I’d like some Chanel or Bobbi Brown brushes but that’s not going to happen so I will settle for the ecobrush set, for only £12.

I must be a lucky ducky at the moment as that’s all I really want, other than to spend a lovely day with my son, mother and family.

Have a great Mother’s Day.

Sophie x.

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