Interiors for the small home

We live in a small 2 bedroom house, at one point there were 5 of us living there, whilst my mum looked for a new house! It’s safe to say at that point things were hectic and we needed more room.

Now there are only 3 of us living there (and a parrot), even though family are in and out a lot, and there still doesn’t feel like there’s enough space. Although the rooms look pretty spacious I just can’t get adequate storage space. In this post, I’m going to share with you how I ensure each room in my home looks bigger than it is.

Kitchen Interiors


Let’s start in the kitchen, firstly I like red so my statement colour in here is red. Other than the one statement colour I use shades of white and black, this opens up the room. The white walls make space look bigger and also help the light from the windows flow through the whole room.

As we have no dining room (frustrating) we have made a breakfast table from some leftover kitchen work surfaces, adding the red chairs gives the room character and providing an American diner feel. The red fridge was added mainly because I like it but also to add to the American diner style. The breakfast bar is both practical and stylish, although I wish I had room for more seats.

Living Room

I spend most of my time in the living room. It’s where I like to relax, where I like to snack and watch TV shows, and where we get together as a family for film or game night.

No matter how small this room has to also feel warm and welcoming as well as open, bright, and fresh. That’s why we went for darker tones in this room with light curtains to open up the room slightly.


One of my favourite pieces in this room is my lamp, it’s really bright and quite trendy at the moment. I also love my fireplace, the lights that shine onto the side shelves are not too bright but provide a dim light for the evenings, which makes a cosy environment for relaxing in.

Landing & Staircase

To most people, this  may not be the most important room in the house but I think this area can set the scene for the rest of the home. In our house we have a large mirror on the stairs to open up the space.

Along the staircase walls we have family photos and a large clock so we can always find the time!


So, our bedroom isn’t too small, it’s actually an okay size. Although we could do with a little more space now. We use light colours to reflect the natural light, ensuring the space is open and bright.

The main issue we had was storage, as I like to keep a lot of old clothes- you never know when they may come back in fashion. To overcome this issue we have converted our old airing cupboard into a space where we can keep paperwork, suitcases and other items we don’t need everyday.

As you have probably noticed I still have Christmas items on my bed. That’s because I love Christmas and surrounding myself with items I like before I sleep and when I wake up makes me happy.

In fact I like the idea of positive energies, it’s something I’ve recently been looking into a lot. Surrrounding myself with positive things, and positive people can make me feel happier and ultimately make me feel positive about where life is taking me. This is why I try to fill my home with the items I like rather than items that are in style.

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