5 Films That Should Never Be Remade

After watching the monstrosity of Dirty Dancing 2017, I got thinking about what other films should never, ever be remade.

Firstly most of these films are from the 80’s and are fantastic, in fact, they’re so fantastic I wasn’t even born when they were made, but even now children of 10 are still watching them. Whether it’s the (what we now see as) bad graphics, inappropriate language – which I never noticed growing up, or the amazing story lines one thing is for sure these are forever in my heart!

Stand By Me

One of my favourite films from childhood, although on reflection it’s not really a film for children. The story of a group of young boys who are friends, then they find themselves going on the hunt for a dead body. In this films my first celebrity crush, River Phoenix 🙂

As a child, I think the main reason I liked the film was due to the fact I knew I shouldn’t really have bee watching it. As I got older it’s the feeling nostalgia it evokes, thinking about those you grew up with and shared so much with, and the fact that there’s maybe one or two you haven’t grown apart from. In some cases, that’s not a bad thing but it’s perhaps the only time in life that you truly don’t really have much to worry about – if you’re lucky your childhood is about having fun and experiencing things to get you ready for life.

Plus, you can’t mention this film without mentioning Ben E. King’s song ‘Stand By Me’. I was obsessed with this song and it still brings me to tears – right now I’m contemplating having it on at my wedding but I don’t want to cry!

This film should not be remade, it’s good enough as is leave it alone!

Back to the Future

Let’s start with one film I think we can all agree with, Back to the Future. When I first watched this I fell in love with Michael J Fox and went on to watch more of his films. His character was lovable with BIG dreams, even if the fashion sense was to be desired.

The story line is incredible and gets you thinking, every time you watch it… What year would I travel back to… What would I tell people about… What if my Mum fancied me!!

One thing I didn’t notice until I was older is how many times the word b*****d is used. Nowadays if the film was to be released it would be a 12, if not a 15. Never the less I figured if I don’t remember those words as a child then my son won’t so he’s allowed to watch it. Although he is 10 he absolutely loved it.

If a remake was to be made I’d imagine it would go one of two ways, the script would be altered or too much money would be spent and an over the top version would be made, using the most famous of stars. The only thing I can say is, please don’t remake this film, try and come up with new stories to share with the world.

Hocus Pocus

What a film? Every Halloween in my house it’s on and we sit with sweets and popcorn waiting to enjoy that song – ‘I’ll put a spell on you’. For some reason, there hasn’t been another family Halloween film that matches up to this.

The cast is brilliant and you completely forget that Sarah Jessica Parker plays the younger blonde witch (but then again I only realised she was in Footloose this weekend).

The songs, story line, costumes and comedic touches make this one of my favourite films and I don’t think it should be remade. There’s no need I think this film will appeal to children and families for years to come. I’ve heard that there is meant to be a sequel being released and I just hope they do it justice.

The Lost Boys

The first time I experienced vampires! From the very beginning, I was hooked. The opening song is creepy but the perfect song to start such an amazing film.

Obviously, some of the graphics are outdated but the story is still good and it’s actually quite comical. There’s nothing wrong with that, Kiefer Sutherland played a good part and the rest of the cast were good too.

The main reason I do not want this film to be remade is due to the way vampires are now portrayed – they don’t glitter in the sun!

The Goonies

Enough said!

Sophie x.

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