Jersey 2017

Our trip to Jersey has been on the calendar since January, so I was hoping for a nice relaxing holiday, visiting friends and sightseeing. Overall this was exactly how the holiday played out, but before it began there was a mad rush.

Firstly, our outbound easyjet flight had been delayed so we had to travel the day before and then 2 days before we were leaving called to say there had been a mistake. They didn’t realise that there was a child on the booking, so our room was too small. By the time we had cancelled the booking and the money was refunded we had a day to find alternative accommodation.

I decided I’d rather not rebook with and decided to look at Airbnb. This turned out to be a great idea as we ended up with a fabulous cottage for 2 nights. The other two nights were spent at a lovely guest house called Maison Gorey located in Gorey Village, which is a great location.

Gorey, Parish of St Martin

On the east coast of Jersey this village is home to fantastic views, a lovely beach and harbour. In the mornings we took a walk along the beach to the harbour where we enjoyed a hot drink whilst enjoying the scenery. My son even enjoyed it – he was just happy to be at the beach.

One evening we visited the Thai restaurant on the harbour, the food was delicious and the scenery was picturesque making it a perfect place to enjoy a meal. After the meal, we saw many people fishing and as my partner is a huge fishing fan, we went to watch them for a little while.

This part of the island provides you with a great view of Mont Orgueil that towers over the harbour. There are steps leading to a platform where some excellent pictures can be taken of the castle.

There are plenty of other beaches to visit on the island too, one of my favourites was Plemont.

Plemont, Jersey


At one of the furthermost points of the island, to the north west, hidden by green hillsides is Plemont. Home to rock pools, caves and golden sand, this beach was the perfect place to relax whilst away. Across the water, on a clear day, you can also see Gurnsey from Plemont.

The walk to the beach consisted of many steps which made the walk back to the car even harder. As you get to the beach the scenery is glorious – well worth a picture.

Overlooking the beach is a lovely cafe that sells some scrumptious food, including a chilli wrap that was amazing!

Surrounding the beach are caves, within each one something different can be found, including ice cold water and pitch black pebbled floors. We like to make up stories for the children as we explore them, about dragons and pirates.

After the first two days, the weather took a turn for the worst and along came the rain. This is when we headed for the indoors and went to the War Tunnels.

Jersey War Tunnels

A top attraction in Jersey, telling the story of the island throughout World War 2. It’s always interesting to learn about history but one aspect of the visit was really interesting and made for a much better day. When booking your tickets you are given an ID card of someone who was on the island at the time, as you go through the attraction you discover things about that person’s life, and at the end, in the cafe, you find out if they died or survived.

Off the main corridor, there are several rooms, including areas where work had begun but was never finished. Each room takes you through a moment in history, with interactive elements along the way.

For children, it’s an experience and a history lesson which they’re sure to remember. This isn’t the only place on the island of historical significance, there are many reminders of the war across the island.

On this trip, we took a ferry over the water to France, St Malo – a lovely port city in Brittany.

St Malo, Brittany, France


The ferry over to France was about 1 hour, 10 minutes. On the crossing back to Jersey the sea was rough and we felt very sick! There is a cafe, Costa and duty-free shop on the ferry, so there’s a lot to do. Apparently, sometimes you can even see dolphins following the boat, but on this occasion, we didn’t have this pleasure.

In St Malo there was plenty to do and see. We went for some lunch to a lovely restaurant called Le Mole, which sold some yummy food including galettes that come with many fillings. I enjoyed the bacon and cheese filling.


Food is not hard to find including amazing ice creams and crepes. The best shop we went to was called Maison Hector, an eye catching shop that sells scrummy desserts, mainly filled with Nutella.


There are plenty of buses that run from the main town to other areas. If you’re not one for exploring then there’s also a relaxing beach to enjoy.

Jersey is an island with plenty to enjoy, and on our next trip, I’m sure we’ll discover even more. We’re now looking forward to whatever else the summer has in store.

Sophie x.