Dirty Dancing Tour – Llandudno

I love going to the theatre but don’t get to do so often, I mainly want to see Shakespeare plays but other than that I am a fan of musicals. They may be cheesy but I love the music, over the top acting, set design, singing, and costumes.

Last week my sister, mum and me went to Llandudno to watch Dirty Dancing.


I was a little apprehensive because just like most people Dirty Dancing the movie is my ultimate love story. As a child when others wanted to be Cinderella, I wanted to be able to dance just like they do on the film and find a strong man who is a fantastic dancer! That did not happen; my partner cannot dance, although he tries.

Taking an iconic film and adapting it to the stage is difficult and I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be. I think the best thing to do when watching this show is to completely forget about the film and not compare.

The Music

When the show started and the first song came on I was relieved that it was ‘Be My Baby’. Part of me worried that the songs wouldn’t be the same, like in a school production when you cannot get the license! The only difference was that they had a male and female singer for all of the songs, which I thought was a nice touch.

The Staging

The first half went extremely quick and it felt as though one scene lasted a couple of seconds, there was so much crammed in. The staging was inventive throughout and comical at times, especially the water scene. I was disappointed with the car scene as it was quite rushed and I believe could have carried on for a little longer, the scene when Baby is dancing on the bridge was also very quick and could have continued for longer although it was well adapted.

The Dancing

Now to the dancing, the first dance with Johnny and Penny could have been a little better but there wasn’t a lot of room so it felt as though they were restricted. As the show went on the dancing got better and felt more natural, as in they seemed to be more relaxed and use to their surroundings.

The bedroom scene was well staged even if for a moment it looked like Johnny was dancing with a blow-up doll. Plus, one of the background dancers looked an awful lot like Penny and at times I got confused. Other than this the cast were obviously very good dancers and the choreography was as close to the original as it could have been based on the space.

The last dance was in such a small space that the full routine was not done but the lift was there and to most, it would have seemed as though it was exactly the same.

The Story

As with many adapted productions, parts of the characters stories were extended and the characters slightly altered. A very comical actor, who was my favourite in this production, played Neil; he wasn’t as arrogant as in the film and made the part his own. His story was also extended for this production.

Overall, it was a good show and I especially enjoyed watching it with my sister and mum.

Sophie x.



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