Top 5 Places On My Bucket List

In my last post, I was thinking about where I’d like to spend the festive season, but that got me thinking about creating a bucket list. Where would I go? Who would I take? And what would I like to see?

There are so many people who like to travel and they want to go wherever the wind takes them, but I am a little more specific, I know what I like and where I’d like to go. Many people find things wrong with this but hey, that’s me.

New York / Tour of America


New York, probably a very popular choice for a bucket list, although most people I know who have been there haven’t enjoyed the experience as much as they thought they would. Growing up in the UK, I found myself always watching American programmes, even now I mainly watch E4, ITVBe and the odd documentary, so the US has always been wondrous to me.  As a marketer, I realise that much of this will be media but I’d like to experience it for myself someday, but every time I go to book a trip here something else comes up and I don’t end up going.

Starting at New York City I would visit some popular film locations before traveling to Washington and visit Seattle. San Francisco would be my next stop before LA, finishing in Florida for a proper tourist holiday, visiting all of the theme parks and the Kennedy Space Centre.

Costa Rica

A tranquil place filled with greenery, waterfalls, and beaches – that’s what I imagine when thinking of this paradise. I know that there is much more to Costa Rica but this is the area I’d like to see most.

The 60 volcanoes of Costa Rica interest me the most but here are the two I most want to visit…

Arenal Volcano

This may be the most popular volcano in Costa Rica but there is a good reason for this. The volcano towers over Arenal National Park where you can find wildlife and old lava. There’s even a natural spring here and you can take a dip.

Poas Volcano

Whilst Arenal has been in a resting state for a while, Paos found in the Central Valley is still active, erupting in April 2017 and tourists were evacuated. Surrounding the volcano is a hot lagoon called Laguna Calliente, and the cloud forest.

Geiranger Norway

Geirangerfjord looks like an amazing natural attraction, created by ice ages. This is a fabulous piece of history and geography that I must see, the whole area is wondrous beneath snow-capped mountains.  For those who are more adventurous, there are kayaking and hiking opportunities.

This truly is somewhere that I must see come snow or sunshine!

Skiing in Zermatt

pexels-photo-267104Touring over Zermatt is the Matterhorn which makes for a stunning view. In my dreams, I would stay in this fabulous chalet and be a fantastic skier but I highly doubt that either of these things will happen! Either way, I will have a fantastic experience.

It’s not just the views and skiing but also the opportunities for adventure, exploring the glacier. There are plenty of tours to choose from and you will even take a ride on Europe’s highest cable car station.



This seems like a magical place with crystal clear waters and amazing accommodation. However, the Maldives is made up of several islands each one very different from the other. For example, if you want a holiday strictly for tourists, you could try the 100 islands that are purposely developed for this purpose. Alternatively, there are another 1,100 islands to choose from, many of which are uninhabited but if you’re adventurous or desire peace and quiet a trip here may be just for you. There are private transfers to some of the uninhabited islands available, as I haven’t been there I can’t say much about it other than things I have read, but apparently, the boat transfers take you to the edge of the sand where you hop into the sea and walk onto the white sands.

For me I would like to visit as many of the islands as possible, I’m just interested to look at the landscape on each and truly appreciate nature at its rarest. It would be interesting to see exactly what the differences between a place touched by humans and one that is completely untouched are (apart from the obvious things).

As well as exploring the many islands, it would be nice to take some time to rest and enjoy the surroundings. This area really does seem like a peaceful place and I hope I can get there before all of the islands become inhabited!

I’m sure these places are at the top of many people’s list and they may not seem too adventurous but all of them bring something slightly different and it’s the colder places I’m drawn to the most. From snow to places that look stunning whatever the weather that’s what attracts me to a place, I don’t want to travel to see the people but the landscapes.

If I was to travel to see people and experience cultures, I would want to help them and this is a completely different list, which would include the UK because people need help and support here too.

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