Wedding Invites – Don’t Pay An Arm & A Leg

The price for wedding invitations can be high, to get the perfect design, material, and print. If you are thrifty, you can save a lot of money and still have unique invitations. Of course, if you are looking to cut costs then spend away!

Making them Unique

When choosing my invites all I knew was that they had to represent the day ahead. For me, this meant making them classic with a slight quirk.

We knew we had an engagement shoot coming up so decided to make the most out of it. Before the shoot, I prepared three chalkboards each containing details for the wedding – the date, place and time.

The images turned out well…


Printing the Invitations

Initially, we thought about designing and printing them ourselves which would have saved us a lot of money. Until I found a good deal on Vistaprint so went there to get them printed. For £70 I managed to get 90 prints in two slightly different designs, one for day guests and one for the evening.

Untitled design

We waited for about a week for these to be delivered, and very quickly and efficiently, we received them.

Completing the Design

To finish them off I went to Hobbycraft and bought some doilies and brown string. I am yet to get round to completing them but will update when I have…

Overall, we are very happy with our invitations and they were less than £100, now all that’s left to do is post them.


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