Bringing Your Holiday Home

I don’t know about you but when I return from a family holiday I have mixed emotions; I’m happy to see my family but also a little down that the holidays over and there won’t be another one for a while. For this reason, I want to make the memories last forever so here are a few ways to bring your holiday home.

From relaxing on the beach to exploring a new country I love to go away whenever I can, but with a little family, buying a house and saving for my wedding, holidays are few and far between. For this reason, I try to make the most of them when they come along, this includes taking plenty of photos and buying souvenirs.

The Right Souvenirs

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of buying the odd trinket when on holiday and then putting on display for a while until it breaks or just looks tacky.  So, why not put a little more thought into the buying process, instead of going to any old souvenir shop find one that sells the type of things you like, or that suite your home.

Picture frames, interesting things you used whilst away and unusual contemporary ornaments are always a good choice. For example, a glass jar that was used whilst away or some pebbles can come in handy for creating terrariums, lanterns or fireplaces. Obviously, if you are holidaying abroad this may not be such a good idea!


Then there are all of the unintentional souvenirs, that just appear in bags and suitcases.

Tickets, Passes, and Tokens

When unpacking my suitcase I always find wristbands, tokens, tickets etc. from all of the places we have visited and rather than throw them away we always end up keeping them. The intention is always the same, to create a lovely frame filled with the places we have been, but this never happens – nice idea though!

Alternatively, we could add this to a scrapbook, which brings me to the next section, ‘get crafty’.

Get Craftydscf3239

There are so many crafts that you can use to create the perfect keepsake, like papercrafts, needlework, painting and jewellery making.

Creating a scrapbook full of your favourite images can be fun for all the family and a great way to share your memories when you return home. Papercraft companies like Smashbook and Project Life have a selection of really good folios for those just starting out and can add lots of character to your photobook display.

Another option is to create a bag from material bought in the country, creating something that’s special and unique to you and your style. Crafts open the door for you to create anything you desire all you need is the imagination to do so.

If you haven’ got time to be too crafty or you’re not that creative try to use the lovely pictures you took.

The Pictures


Finally, there’s the obvious choice – pictures. Taking photos whilst away is important for keeping memories, so make sure not every image is possed. Try and catch the family out doing silly things or just being themselves.

It’s become too easy to just keep images in a file on your computer or share them on social media but don’t forget to print some, pop them in frames or have your favourites printed and hung somewhere. There’s so much you can do with images you just need to be creative.


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