Marrakech for Graduation

To celebrate our graduation my friend and I took to Marrakech on a relatively cheap holiday for one week. Although it is a lovely place it’s not for me and I probably wouldn’t visit again, but it was definitely worth the experience.

When choosing a place to visit for our graduation celebration we wanted to ensure there was ample opportunity for relaxation as well as sunshine. However, we are not big drinkers and we like to explore and experience something new, for these reasons we felt Marrakech was the best option, located in Morocco and home to plenty of cultural landmarks it seemed perfect.

We stayed at Hotel Aqua Fun because it was the most appealing with a nice budget to match. The hotel reception was authentic and we were welcomed with a smile. There was a man serving Morrocan tea and some traditional Morrocan food to sample. Once we had our keys and were fully refreshed we dropped our suitcases in our room, which was very nice and went for a nosey.

The pool area was large with about three pools outside the hotel and a waterpark to the left-hand side, at this point I thought it would be great for children. There was a restaurant area, small bar, and lovely view. We also met some friendly locals people, as the waterpark is open to the public.

After speaking to some of the locals for a few days they ended up meeting us in the city centre and showed us some of the sights. This was great, like having our own personal tour guides, though I am not sure how knowledgeable they really were about their local city it was interesting to get a locals point of view.

La Mamounia

La Mamounia

This palace-hotel was an amazing experience of the finest architecture, food, and drink. The gardens were amazing and the pool, with model-like people around it, was glorious. Obviously, we could not enjoy the amenities as we were not guests but our new found friend showed us around.

Camal Experience

Marrakesh camal

This was an excursion, organised by a local tour guide company, ran from a small ranch style home not too far from the hotel. This was the meeting point, we were shown around their lovely home and met some of their horses and camels.

As part of the excursion, we were told all about the gandoura and were shown how it should be worn. We were then offered traditional food and drink before we took a walk around a local town, which was very small and made me think about just how much we have.


What is a trip to Marrakech without a look around the Souks?

Marrakesh Souks

Selling all sorts of trinkets, spices and from what I remember lighting this was a lovely shopping trip. Although if you are claustrophobic perhaps don’t spend too much time there. The passages are small and snug but well worth the experience.

As we were staying at the hotel we did not need to purchase any spices but the selection of herbs and spices was an eye opener – I realise I don’t really explore with my food perhaps as much as I could.

When we were finished at the souks we headed to the square where we refreshments at a local cafe. In the day the square is just a large open space, but as the sun goes down it becomes very lively.

One evening we took a look around the square, ate some food, bought a few things and headed back to the hotel with our tour guide. This was an experience for me, but I felt a little anxious as there were so many people around.

Our local tour guide told us that during the hottest times and the early evenings those who live in the city will realx in the street as many of them can’t afford air conditioning and find the streets to be more cool and refreshing than their homes.

My brief trip to Marrakech was enjoyable, I saw some amazing things and met some lovely people.

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