The Perfect Lady’s Night Out In Sydney

Sometimes, you just need a bit of time away with the girls. Away from work, family, couples, and all the other pressures of life. Instead of a night on the town, how about a night halfway across the world? Here, we’re going to look at the darling city of Australia that is Sydney and how it might well be the perfect place to get the girls together, let loose, and have some fun for once.

Sydney_Opera HouseImage Source

The bright lights

As perhaps the most famous tourist destination in the whole country, it should be no surprise that Sydney is utterly packed with bars, clubs, restaurants, and other hangout spots. If you want a party, then you’re definitely going to have it here. If you want a magical experience, however, then perhaps you should save your trip for May, when the Vivid festival begins. This is the city’s biggest annual lights festival, and from Darling Harbour to Chinatown, the streets light up in an array of displays, many of them interactive, that can make it feel like you’re stuck in a dream world. The best holidays with friends are full of utterly unforgettable memories, and Vivid in Sydney is just that.

Sydney Fireworks
Image Source

Big shows

Sydney is the entertainment capital of the whole city, too. The most famous spot of all for a bit of live entertainment is naturally the Sydney Opera House. But if you don’t fancy a night of opera or musical theatre, then how about a pumping concert featuring the biggest stars in the world at the ANZ Stadium. Sites like The Ticket Merchant make it easy to find and book in advance, making sure that you actually get tickets for the days that you’re going to be in town. The city has a strong scene for live music, too, with bars like The Basement and Marble Bar almost always having something on. If you feel up for something a little more impromptu, then visit The Rock, the historic district where there is always some kind of pop-up art show or performance to enjoy.

Hotel_SydneyImage Source

Sunset on the beach

When you think of Australia, your very first thought might be a beach holiday, and no-one can blame you that. Sydney does not fall short when it comes to the coastal calm. There are a lot of beaches by the city, with Bondi being no only hugely popular but full of cute cafes, chic shops, and boutique hotels. Bronte beach is a lot more popular with surfers, so if you want a little excitement and to try your hand at the waves, that’s where you go. If you want to lie back and relax with the girls, Nielsen Park is a little more laid-back. Still popular, but not quite packed with people.

Blissful beaches, the best live entertainment, and some of the most fantastic festivals and displays you’re going to see worldwide. Sydney has everything that a group of friends could want and much more. The next time you’re dragging your friends through the stages of planning a holiday together, why not suggest the Harbour City?


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