Five Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Sicily

As we are planning a trip to Sicily for our honeymoon this year, we want to make sure that we taste the place as well as see the landmarks.

There are several wine tours offered, but if you want to know what makes Sicilian people happy, you need to search for the most popular traditional dishes of the island. Below you will find a list of dishes you must try when walking the streets of Palermo or going out for a meal.


While most people believe this is a traditional Italian dish, it is actually from Sicily. You can get it freshly made in most restaurants, made with ricotta. Inside the fried pastry, you will find seasonal vegetables and a sweet ricotta filling. Make sure that you get it fresh, and the crust will stay crunchy and firm.



Image via Flickr

These rice balls are great for snacking on. They are coated with bread crumbs, and come with different fillings. The most popular Arancine is mozzarella and ham, but you will also find some with tomato sauce and meat inside. It is basically similar to a pasta dish, but the pasta is on the outside and is replaced by rice, and the snack is fried in breadcrumbs.



Image via PxHere

The beauty of this dish is that it comes in different flavors and variations. It is like an eggplant stew, but sweet and sour at the same time. No matter which version you try when visiting Sicily, the base of the dish will be Aubergine, and different vegetables are added to it for flavor. Your chef might create their own Caponata recipe based on the availability of fresh ingredients.


Also called the Sicilian version of pizza, this dish is a popular street food in the region. The base is rectangular, instead of round, and deep, instead of thin. Depending on which place you visit, you might find that the tomato sauce is placed on the top of the other ingredients, so they stay soft, while other places will add onions, sardines, herbs, or mozzarella on the top. Check out emilia delizia for creating your own pizza recipe.

Pane Con La Milza

While this sandwich might not be something you might think of when packing your lunchbox for work, it is extremely popular in Sicily. Boiled pork spleens are slow cooked and placed in a fresh brioche. You can find this dish at most bakery stalls on the street, or at traditional takeaway restaurants. Sometimes lemon and caciocavallo cheese is added to the recipe of the Pane Con La Milza for flavor. Try it with caution, but Sicilians love this sweet bread sandwich.

To get to know a culture and a place better, you should mix with the locals and try their food, some people say. With so many traditional dishes available on the streets and in the restaurants of Sicily, you will love strolling around and tasting new flavors every day. From rice balls to pasta and fried snacks, there are a variety of meals Sicilians are proud of and will want you to try.


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