Organic Shop Hair Collection

I have been using Organic Shop, more specifically the coconut and shea scented products. The packaging is nice and simple providing information on the ingredients. According to the label, the products are made from natural materials, which is appealing to many people at the moment. The products are aimed at softening and reviving the hair.

Organic Shop_Hair Collection

Here are the products I have been using and a little info about each one:

Organic Shop, Hair Mask

The product smells lovely, but I wasn’t sure whether to use before or after the shampoo and conditioner, and this isn’t indicated on the packaging, I would have asked someone but this didn’t occur to me until I was in the shower! Therefore, I went with before.

The hair mask made my hair silky smooth and it felt like I had placed conditioner all over my hair, and it was a shame to have to then put the shampoo on. The next time I placed the product on after shampoo and conditioner, which  I found to be better as my hair gets very knotty when wet so it wasn’t easier to brush. The best thing about this product is that my hair was greasy a day later, unlike when you place conditioner all over the hair – which is why I just place it on the ends.

Overall, I think this is a good product and I would use it again.

Organic Shop, Shampoo

I found the pump didn’t allow enough shampoo to come out, as my hair is quite long I find a squeeze bottle simpler. The smell of this shampoo was very nice, but I do like a good coconut scent!

I always shampoo twice and which seems to stop greasiness for up to two days, this shampoo did exactly this.

Organic Shop, Conditioner

Now, I really do like the scent of these products but for me, the conditioner just didn’t do what I needed it too. As I mentioned earlier my hair gets very, knotty and I need conditioner to make it smooth and easy to brush. Unfortunately, the conditioner didn’t do this for me and I had to use another conditioner I had lying around. The key here is to use the hair mask last which did leave my hair smooth and feeling silky.

*This is a product review, all opinions are my own


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