Christmas Gifts For Those On The Go

With plenty of holidays already booked for 2019 this Christmas I have asked family for some items that can help prepare me for my travels.

Every year I always love to get a new pair of pyjamas and some slippers for the cold nights – this is a must Christmas gift. Although my Mum will probably still get me these I think other family members should invest in something a little more practical to save me the cost later on in 2019.

The Essentials

No matter where you are travelling and even if you are not you can’t go wrong with a nice gift set filled with lovely scents or treats.

soap and glory imageSource

Every year I get a gift set and I am happy with it, especially if it is from someone I don’t know too well because it’s a safe option.


I am heading to Disneyland in April, and from experience I can say the weather isn’t the best so I would like a nice new coat to keep me warm. Although this is a practical gift, I’d still like it to be fashionable, and preferably red as many of my clothes are.


If you are looking for a gift for someone who either loves to travel or has a lot of plans then it’s best to ask them what they need because the weather obviously varies and you don’t want to waste your money on items they do not need.

Suitcases or Bags

It can be nice to get a fresh bag or suitcase for you trip, for some reason I always feel like I am ready to go when I have a brand new carry case. This is an exceptionally good gift for someone going on their first adventure alone or with friends.

Again, it is important to remember what they are doing; if they are travelling around different countries a backpack is probably more suitable than a suitcase with wheels. You may also consider the length of time they are travelling for, or where they will be staying.

Novelty Gifts

These are gifts people may not want to take away with them but they are fun to receive on Christmas Day. One gift I would like to get is the scratch map I think it is a great idea and a challenge to see if you can scratch them all one day.

Another option is a cork globe I think these are great and can be eye-catching when entering a room. These can be put as a focus around the home and are perfect for starting conversations.

Food and Drink

For those who like to travel one thing that can take them back to their favourite place is food and drink. One idea is a hamper filled with cuisine from the land they love the most. Alternatively, you may buy some alcohol from the region or some special personalised glasses.

There are many things to buy for people who love a certain destination or that have travelled the world, it just a little thought and you’re sorted.

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