Short Breaks in the UK

Not the most exciting post, but I thought it’s a start for the new year. With lots of big occasions coming up in 2019 and with two holidays already booked we need some alternative plans for the celebrations.

As the new year kicks in I am beginning to feel pressured into arranging more getaways for our special occasions. But, with two holidays already planned for Disneyland and a cruise later in the year, the other plans will have to be overnight stays or a little domestic tourism. Here’s my list of lovely retreats for 2019 in the UK for those special celebrations.

First Anniversary

The last year has been filled with highs and lows, and one of the best times was our wedding back in May. A lot has happened since then and it feels as though it was a long, long time ago but we want to celebrate so here’s what we’re thinking:

The Shankly Hotel – Liverpool

Living in North Wales means we can easily reach many great cities in the North West of England, one of them being Liverpool. This seems like the most ideal spot for celebrating our wedding anniversary, with plenty of restaurants and hotels available. Plus, we both support Liverpool, therefore we are considering a stay at The Shankly Hotel, of course, we will require food too.

This hotel seems perfect, the interior looks rustic yet modern and the facilities are great. The bar, restaurant, and large bath in the bedrooms are all bonuses for us. Friends and family who have stayed have all enjoyed their experience with some planning another stay.

The Llyn Peninsula

Alternativly, we are considering a day out near the seaside along the Llyn peninsula. The thing putting us off is the weather, but this area is one of my favourite places including Porthmadog, Morfa Nefyn, Anglesey, and Criccieth. The beaches here are beautiful offering coves of blue sea and rustic landscapes, they are romantic whilst telling a story of years gone by.

30th Birthdays

Both my husband and I are celebrating our 30th birthdays this year and we want to make them special. I already know what I want to do, instead of a gift I want to head to London and see a show, but I can’t decide which one, the choices are Chicago, Hairspray, or Matilda – if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

When it comes to accommodation I’m happy with a basic hotel with breakfast, as we’re probably not even going to be in there for long!

Another option is to combine our birthday celebrations and opt for a longer break in Ireland or Scotland, both places we have never been to.

Sons Birthday

In March we usually take to Alton Towers waterpark and stay in the hotel or the Enchanted Village, we love doing this, but as we have done this on several occasions we are thinking of doing something a little different.


At the top of the list is London, with so much to see and do we are considering a weekend break as a family to explore the Natural History Museum, take to the London Eye, and visit the Tower of London. A visit to the Lego shop will probably take place too. This may seem like a very educational trip but it will be a jammed packed weekend – we could even save Matilda for this visit.


Visiting the Pleasure Beach, indoor waterpark, and Blackpool tower this will be a weekend filled with fun and games and probably more appealing to my son than the London adventure, but when the weather isn’t great your mood can also be dampened so this may be one for the summertime.

Although with the Blackpool Resort Pass coming in at £55 and allowing entry to 6 attractions, this may work out a lot cheaper.



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