Preparing for Disneyland Paris

We are off to Disneyland at the end of April and there are a lot of things to consider, including the weather, clothing, and food.

Over the last few months, we have been watching YouTube video after YouTube video, to gain as many tips as possible before our trip. This is the first holiday we are taking as a whole family, including Nan, Grandad, Aunties, and Uncles, so we want it to be as special as possible.

This means preparing as much as we can for all types of situations. Here’s our preparation list based on all the blogs we have read and vlogs we have watched.

Weather Preparation

We travel in April and so the weather conditions may vary, anything from rain to sunshine, it is unpredictable. Therefore, we plan to pack for all weather conditions.

For the journey there, we will layer up wearing a t-shirt, jumper, jacket/hoodie, and coat to save room in the luggage. This means we will have our coats with hoods ready in the event of rain, a couple of t-shirts in case of sunshine and deodorant because with all the layers we will smell!

Taking an umbrella and poncho are also good ideas, as they are small and take up less room than a coat. Alternatively, we can buy ponchos there and bin them before our journey home.

Preparing to Walk a LOT!

Walking around theme parks can be tiring as they are large, and busy, even waiting for rides takes its toll on your legs, especially if you have small children. For this reason, we will be packing flat shoes that have a nice amount of padding for comforts, like pumps and trainers.

In the past, I have taken shoes and walked so much that I’ve ended up with holes in my shoes! This memory always reminds me to take more than one pair.

For the smaller children I will be taking spare socks and shoes as they don’t like being uncomfortable and if their socks get wet I’ll never hear the end of it.

Eating with no Meal Plan

Regular Disney goers seem to encourage meal plans, but we are not planning on doing this instead, we have made reservations the buffet restaurant, Buffalo Bill’s. The prices here seem reasonable for Disney and there is something for everyone at 35EUROS per adult and 19EUROS per child (according to the website).

However, it is not the evening meal we are concerned about, it’s the fact we don’t have breakfast and there aren’t any shops near the hotel! So, I’m thinking we will pack croissants and some snack boxes for breakfast and lunch, as we are travelling by coach this should be okay.

I realise this isn’t the most informative post but I would welcome any suggestions for meal times from regular visitors.