We’re pleased to meet you, and welcome to our blog ‘Sister’s in a Pod’. We started this blog as a sisterly hobby so that no matter where we are we have a way to easily stay connected. Our blog covers a lot of things including; fashion, travel, parenting, work, and lifestyle. All opinions are our own and we hope you enjoy reading them!

We’re both parents to children of various ages and have a lot going on from work to studying. We started this blog as a way of staying up to date with each other’s goings on no matter where we are.



Posts on this blog will mainly be about travel, although I don’t actually get to travel often due to time and income I love learning and researching about new places. I also have a Diploma and Degree in Tourism (and marketing) so virtually discovering new places and adding to my ‘must visit’ list has become a hobby of mine.




Whereas Sophie is interested in travelling I study beauty and enjoy finding new products, methods, and treatments to make your skin glow! As I am still learning this blog is a place where I can keep some ideas and research into methods that interest me for when I eventually set up my own business.

Happy Reading!

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Email: sistersinapod@outlook.com