2018 in 5 Memories

2018 has gone by very quickly and it was a year filled with highs and lows, but there were certainly lessons learned, that have set us up for the coming year.

Every year comes with surprises but 2018’s surprises weren’t so great, the planned times were amazing but other than those I have loved and lost these are the main memories I would like to take with me for 2018.

Hen Party

Heading to Porthmadog for my hen party was great, and an amazing surprise. I had visited this place for years as a child, as my family owned a caravan there and this was our only holiday every year – looking back it was great.

We spent the weekend celebrating and it got a little messy but the last night we spent pampering ourselves so we were ready to leave on the Monday. I just wish I had of taken more pictures, but I guess, you don’t when you’re enjoying yourself in the moment.


wedding pictures

Our wedding was amazing, and truly was one of the best days of my life, and I would do it again.

Finding a venue and planning can be stressful but on the day I totally didn’t care because there was nothing I could do about it, so I just focused on having a bloody good time. This would be my advice for any bride to be – just enjoy yourself.


Sicily Honeymonn.PNG

Sicily was the perfect place for a honeymoon it had everything we could possibly want. The glorious beach, a great hotel, shopping, history, and good food… take me back!

Home Improvements

home improvements 2

Moving into our new home about one year ago I would like to have done more than we have, but when we look back we’ve done a lot. This picture shows how much we have done to the toilet.

This year we would like to continue updating the home and we have already started in the living room. The only issue is that every room seems to be grey and white – think we need to widen our colour palette.

Family Time

Family Time.PNG

After losing someone very close to me last year my family has become even closer and we are making sure we have celebrations as frequently as possible because this is what matters. My family is quite big and it can be difficult to keep up with what’s going on with everyone but it is important to make the time and I will cherish the times we all spent together in 2018.

When looking at your memories in this way the year seems so much better, and perhaps the good times were overshadowed by the odd negative experience. This year I plan to remain positive and implement techniques I have learned to do this such as meditation, The Law of Attraction, and exercise. Come on 2019!

The Honeymoon 2018 Look

As my summer holiday in 2018 has come to an end, as the school holidays are just beginning (unlucky), I thought I’d do something a little different on my blog and share my summer styles.

Sicily was incredible and you can read all about it in my recent posts, but one aspect I didn’t mention was the outfit choices I made. Here are the outfits I put together, on a very limited budget I might add!

Obviously yellow is a key statement colour this season, and whilst this is in my day to day attire it doesn’t feature much in my honeymoon outfits. This is because I love red and I was the bride so I wanted to incorporate white throughout.

I love a hat and red jumpsuit


It’s a white skirt, this means either white or no knickers!


Love my floral bikini from https://www.bouxavenue.com/


My treat from me to me, Gucci sunglasses 😍😍


There are many more outfits, including white laced shorts and more red T’s but I did not take enough pictures!

I cannot wait to go shopping again for more UK summer things, including a new rain coat!

On the hunt: for the perfect bra

I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to find a bra that fits well. Either the wire hurts me or the cup size is not quite right.

Whilst on the hunt for my perfect bra and size I came across Hunkemoller whose bras are very comfy. I chose a black balcony style bra that has removable straps and costs £22.50 to purchase.

Firstly the box the bra arrived in was pretty with a lovely message, however, a little tissue paper instead of a plastic bag would have given it a little extra touch.


The product itself is made well with fabric that is not too flimsy and the bra fastener is in silver with three hook options.



Wearing the bra is a comfortable experience and I am pleased to say that the 32D fit very well 🙂

I wore the item on a weekend when I was active around the house and doing the food shop, and on a weekday at my office desk and on both occasions it held me in place and was very lightweight.

The straps are also removable so I thought I would test this out too and the cups stayed in place much better than many other strapless bras I have tried, although not for longer than an hour, then was a slight slide. The elastic helped keep the bra in place, and that was with the straps too.

Overall, I am happy with this product and would happily purchase from the website.


Organic Shop Hair Collection

I have been using Organic Shop, more specifically the coconut and shea scented products. The packaging is nice and simple providing information on the ingredients. According to the label, the products are made from natural materials, which is appealing to many people at the moment. The products are aimed at softening and reviving the hair.

Organic Shop_Hair Collection

Here are the products I have been using and a little info about each one:

Organic Shop, Hair Mask

The product smells lovely, but I wasn’t sure whether to use before or after the shampoo and conditioner, and this isn’t indicated on the packaging, I would have asked someone but this didn’t occur to me until I was in the shower! Therefore, I went with before.

The hair mask made my hair silky smooth and it felt like I had placed conditioner all over my hair, and it was a shame to have to then put the shampoo on. The next time I placed the product on after shampoo and conditioner, which  I found to be better as my hair gets very knotty when wet so it wasn’t easier to brush. The best thing about this product is that my hair was greasy a day later, unlike when you place conditioner all over the hair – which is why I just place it on the ends.

Overall, I think this is a good product and I would use it again.

Organic Shop, Shampoo

I found the pump didn’t allow enough shampoo to come out, as my hair is quite long I find a squeeze bottle simpler. The smell of this shampoo was very nice, but I do like a good coconut scent!

I always shampoo twice and which seems to stop greasiness for up to two days, this shampoo did exactly this.

Organic Shop, Conditioner

Now, I really do like the scent of these products but for me, the conditioner just didn’t do what I needed it too. As I mentioned earlier my hair gets very, knotty and I need conditioner to make it smooth and easy to brush. Unfortunately, the conditioner didn’t do this for me and I had to use another conditioner I had lying around. The key here is to use the hair mask last which did leave my hair smooth and feeling silky.

*This is a product review, all opinions are my own


The Simple Solution

For many years I have been trying to find the perfect face wash and cream. I have tried many from Avon to Clarins but trying to find products that suit your skin whilst also being kind to your pocket can be difficult.

It’s not that my skin is really awful it’s just that my mum always said, “now you’re over 21 you have to start really taking care of your skin otherwise it’ll end up sagging before it’s time”! So, with the fear of god in me (and terrible skin) I needed to find a skin care product before it was too late…

When I was younger Simple was my skincare brand of choice but as I got older I thought I’d try some higher priced products. I have to be careful with what I use as my skin is sensitive and I have eczema. So, I started using different brands, some worked for a while and then just ended up making my skin feel worse and others just didn’t work at all.

As time went on I didn’t feel any different and certain products clogged up my pores and made my skin look worse. Eventually, I gave in and went back to using Simple, which definitely works for me, especially having eczema, I find it’s extremely kind to the skin.

Now I use the Simple face wash and Simple moisturiser which work well for me. When applying the face wash I use a brush and gently make circular motions to massage it into my skin. Once I feel thoroughly clean the next step is to use warm water and a flannel to wipe off any excess soap suds –  I never wipe my skin but gently dab as I’ve been told by many professionals that this is best. Once dry the final step is to simply apply the moisturiser, again I don’t wipe but gently dab.


I think this technique is working but I suppose I won’t know until age hits!!

Sophie x.

2017 Fitness Plan


I love musicals and hate the gym! So, I have decided that to help me stay fit I will learn a selection of my favourite dance numbers from the musicals and videos I love. which, I think, is a much better way of staying in shape than going to a gym.

curtain-269920_1920Why I don’t like the gym

Although there are many facilities gyms just bore me, and I’m not fond of sharing my workout time with strangers. For some knowing they’re paying for it makes it more important to use but for me I just get angry that I’m paying for something I could do at home.

I did try a Zumba class but I felt it was too crowded and didn’t really do much for me. Pole dancing was another option – which was awesome but far too expensive for an hours class.

Then one day when I was watching Hairspray Live I decide to learn the final performance- singing and all! That’s when I got the idea – this is how I’m going to stay fit. I did study performing arts in college but when I became pregnant I stopped performing to focus on a more stable career. This broke my heart, but some things are more important than your passion!

The Dances


Hairspray, You Can’t Stop the Beat

Chicago, All That Jazz

Chicago, Cell Block Tango

Chicago, Nowadays

That’s all I am going to focus on right now but here may be a few more added.


What to Wear?

These last few months I have had a jammed packed calendar – great right? Well, yes but I want to dress well and always look good and that’s difficult when you’re plans are with the same people and you’re on a budget. I needed to restyle my existing wardrobe and spend as little as possible.

The Wedding


One of the events I had to attend was my (to be) brother-in-law’s wedding. Now this came with its own challenges I didn’t want to wear anything too revealing but I didn’t want to dress older than my age either (26 by the way). Early this year I went on a cruise and had purchased a floral dress for the occasion but I just wanted some new shoes to jazz it up a little. However finding the shoe I wanted within my budget (£20) was not easy. I looked everywhere for my perfect shoe, which was black, heeled, ankle height, plain with plenty of detail in the design – I wasn’t asking for much. Eventually I found some from New Look – they always have great shoes.

The Party

blog-image-number-2A party with free food and drink is my kind of party but when it involves the in-laws and the partners work colleagues, it loses its appeal! Well, it isn’t that bad but deciding what to wear was made just a little more difficult by the fact that it was partly outside and its winter. I may sound like an old lady and fashion should come first but why can’t I be stylish and warm?

So, the conundrum began it was six o’clock, the taxi would be here by seven and I still hadn’t decided what to wear. I had the man friend rushing me, my son to take to take care of and what felt like the countdown clock pressurising me to HURRY UP! After rushing my make-up and hair (15 minutes – record) I was ready to choose my clothes; there were dresses, shirts, blouses all spread onto the floor. Eventually I settled on my favourite jumper from French Connection and some grey style jeans with my shoes from the wedding – what a purchase. I would urge everyone to invest in some black sandal style heels; they go with everything and can be worn day or night.

The Ball

Next I have an Alpine Ball to look forward to. Again I find myself in the same situation – going out with people who have already seen most of my wardrobe and I’m on a budget. There are a few outfits I’m considering but I don’t seem to have the shoes to go with them. But that’s not a big issue I will have fun finding some. I will keep you updated on how this goes and share some pictures with you once I’ve found the right outfit.