Top 5 Places On My Bucket List

In my last post, I was thinking about where I’d like to spend the festive season, but that got me thinking about creating a bucket list. Where would I go? Who would I take? And what would I like to see?

There are so many people who like to travel and they want to go wherever the wind takes them, but I am a little more specific, I know what I like and where I’d like to go. Many people find things wrong with this but hey, that’s me.

New York / Tour of America


New York, probably a very popular choice for a bucket list, although most people I know who have been there haven’t enjoyed the experience as much as they thought they would. Growing up in the UK, I found myself always watching American programmes, even now I mainly watch E4, ITVBe and the odd documentary, so the US has always been wondrous to me.  As a marketer, I realise that much of this will be media but I’d like to experience it for myself someday, but every time I go to book a trip here something else comes up and I don’t end up going.

Starting at New York City I would visit some popular film locations before traveling to Washington and visit Seattle. San Francisco would be my next stop before LA, finishing in Florida for a proper tourist holiday, visiting all of the theme parks and the Kennedy Space Centre.

Costa Rica

A tranquil place filled with greenery, waterfalls, and beaches – that’s what I imagine when thinking of this paradise. I know that there is much more to Costa Rica but this is the area I’d like to see most.

The 60 volcanoes of Costa Rica interest me the most but here are the two I most want to visit…

Arenal Volcano

This may be the most popular volcano in Costa Rica but there is a good reason for this. The volcano towers over Arenal National Park where you can find wildlife and old lava. There’s even a natural spring here and you can take a dip.

Poas Volcano

Whilst Arenal has been in a resting state for a while, Paos found in the Central Valley is still active, erupting in April 2017 and tourists were evacuated. Surrounding the volcano is a hot lagoon called Laguna Calliente, and the cloud forest.

Geiranger Norway

Geirangerfjord looks like an amazing natural attraction, created by ice ages. This is a fabulous piece of history and geography that I must see, the whole area is wondrous beneath snow-capped mountains.  For those who are more adventurous, there are kayaking and hiking opportunities.

This truly is somewhere that I must see come snow or sunshine!

Skiing in Zermatt

pexels-photo-267104Touring over Zermatt is the Matterhorn which makes for a stunning view. In my dreams, I would stay in this fabulous chalet and be a fantastic skier but I highly doubt that either of these things will happen! Either way, I will have a fantastic experience.

It’s not just the views and skiing but also the opportunities for adventure, exploring the glacier. There are plenty of tours to choose from and you will even take a ride on Europe’s highest cable car station.



This seems like a magical place with crystal clear waters and amazing accommodation. However, the Maldives is made up of several islands each one very different from the other. For example, if you want a holiday strictly for tourists, you could try the 100 islands that are purposely developed for this purpose. Alternatively, there are another 1,100 islands to choose from, many of which are uninhabited but if you’re adventurous or desire peace and quiet a trip here may be just for you. There are private transfers to some of the uninhabited islands available, as I haven’t been there I can’t say much about it other than things I have read, but apparently, the boat transfers take you to the edge of the sand where you hop into the sea and walk onto the white sands.

For me I would like to visit as many of the islands as possible, I’m just interested to look at the landscape on each and truly appreciate nature at its rarest. It would be interesting to see exactly what the differences between a place touched by humans and one that is completely untouched are (apart from the obvious things).

As well as exploring the many islands, it would be nice to take some time to rest and enjoy the surroundings. This area really does seem like a peaceful place and I hope I can get there before all of the islands become inhabited!

I’m sure these places are at the top of many people’s list and they may not seem too adventurous but all of them bring something slightly different and it’s the colder places I’m drawn to the most. From snow to places that look stunning whatever the weather that’s what attracts me to a place, I don’t want to travel to see the people but the landscapes.

If I was to travel to see people and experience cultures, I would want to help them and this is a completely different list, which would include the UK because people need help and support here too.

Bucket List for the Home

I may not have a set moving date but I have a mind filled with ideas for my new home. From reusing what’s already there to buying new furnishings I am excited. For this reason, I thought I’d share my thoughts here, which is great because this post also doubles up as an organiser!

Living Room Interiors

After searching Pinterest and Google for many an hour I have eventually decided that I’d love a navy blue and cream colour scheme. We needed a colour scheme that would complement our brown leather settees and cream and brown seemed very noughties.

To work with navy and cream we will be investing in a large Georgian mirror, golden lampshade and oak flooring. This will hopefully make the room look rich and warm.

A large tartan armchair will also be added to the corner of the room along with cushions from

My only concern is that I usually like bright and airy rooms whereas this design seems the complete opposite, but I’m hoping the rest of the first floor will compensate for that.

Kitchen Interiors

White, white and red…

I like kitchens to be bright and clean so what better colour than white. Although I have a child and white may seem like a bad idea, my current home has a white kitchen so this should work fine.

Before any painting can start the wall to the dining room has to be knocked through so that we have an open plan kitchen diner (my dream)! I know very easily pleased.

Once the wall is gone and the walls plastered so they are smooth we will paint them white, and glossy white cupboards and a wooden breakfast bar with 4 red seats. All utensils, cooker, kettle, fridge and other appliances will be red, and there may be the odd bit of artwork above the table.

Grey rectangle tiles will be placed above the sink and oven so that too much mess is never made, in our very busy kitchen!

The flooring is already done with cream tiles I’m hoping that the wall coming down won’t damage them.

Moving Upstairs

To be honest I’m not sure how I’d like this area to look yet because what I want to do is far too expensive so will have to wait for a while. As this whole thing is hypothetical may as well share these ideas too.

The staircase will be oak with stripy carpet running through the middle of the stairs, secured with black frames. Along the walls will be a collage of family images in black and white frames.

There will be a mirror in the hallway so you can check yourself before leaving and upon entering the building!

The landing will be complete with a lovely silver chandelier to add a little glam.

Bathroom Interior

Although the bathroom and toilet are separate, we will still discuss both, just to get my thoughts together.

Other than the kitchen this room needs the most work, with a whole new suit and tiling to be done it is a big job and first on the list to do before Christmas.

I am happy to settle for a plan and simple bath, sink and toilet with fountain taps but the shower needs to be extra powerful, I cannot stand a weak shower. Tiles will surround any wet areas so that we do not get any mould. As of yet, I’m sure of the colour scheme but fully tiled from floor to ceiling would suit me.

The Attic

Perhaps my favourite room in the house, consisting of 3 large areas and two skylight windows. This room has a lot of potentials and I cannot wait to get started on it, but this will be the last thing we get round to doing probably in a year or so time.

Grey and light blue are the colours for this room ensuring it is kept light and bright, with a grey carpet. On the main wall to the right of the room, I’d like to paint a pop art inspired piece – when I have the time.

This room will be equipped with bean bags, 60” HD TV, gaming stuff and dart board. The room at the back will be my closet full of clothes, shoes and bags – YAY!

The only rooms left are the bedrooms but yet to give this much thought, that can be another blog post. Although here’s one idea


I hope that we will achieve these interior goals but will keep you informed during the process.

Sophie x.

Dirty Dancing Tour – Llandudno

I love going to the theatre but don’t get to do so often, I mainly want to see Shakespeare plays but other than that I am a fan of musicals. They may be cheesy but I love the music, over the top acting, set design, singing, and costumes.

Last week my sister, mum and me went to Llandudno to watch Dirty Dancing.


I was a little apprehensive because just like most people Dirty Dancing the movie is my ultimate love story. As a child when others wanted to be Cinderella, I wanted to be able to dance just like they do on the film and find a strong man who is a fantastic dancer! That did not happen; my partner cannot dance, although he tries.

Taking an iconic film and adapting it to the stage is difficult and I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be. I think the best thing to do when watching this show is to completely forget about the film and not compare.

The Music

When the show started and the first song came on I was relieved that it was ‘Be My Baby’. Part of me worried that the songs wouldn’t be the same, like in a school production when you cannot get the license! The only difference was that they had a male and female singer for all of the songs, which I thought was a nice touch.

The Staging

The first half went extremely quick and it felt as though one scene lasted a couple of seconds, there was so much crammed in. The staging was inventive throughout and comical at times, especially the water scene. I was disappointed with the car scene as it was quite rushed and I believe could have carried on for a little longer, the scene when Baby is dancing on the bridge was also very quick and could have continued for longer although it was well adapted.

The Dancing

Now to the dancing, the first dance with Johnny and Penny could have been a little better but there wasn’t a lot of room so it felt as though they were restricted. As the show went on the dancing got better and felt more natural, as in they seemed to be more relaxed and use to their surroundings.

The bedroom scene was well staged even if for a moment it looked like Johnny was dancing with a blow-up doll. Plus, one of the background dancers looked an awful lot like Penny and at times I got confused. Other than this the cast were obviously very good dancers and the choreography was as close to the original as it could have been based on the space.

The last dance was in such a small space that the full routine was not done but the lift was there and to most, it would have seemed as though it was exactly the same.

The Story

As with many adapted productions, parts of the characters stories were extended and the characters slightly altered. A very comical actor, who was my favourite in this production, played Neil; he wasn’t as arrogant as in the film and made the part his own. His story was also extended for this production.

Overall, it was a good show and I especially enjoyed watching it with my sister and mum.

Sophie x.



Color Rush 2017

Last weekend me and 4 of my friends took part in the Color Rush at Aintree Racecourse. It was fun and messy but there are a few things I felt they could have done to improve.

Firstly, I didn’t know what to wear and couldn’t find my gym clothes (because I wear them so frequently). I settled on leggings with a long top to cover my bum! I would advise that people don’t wear jeans or their finest clothes as they will get ruined – take a look at my trainer’s.


At the event parking and entry is all very simple but don’t forget your ticket! You can present this via email so no need to print off, although I wouldn’t take your phone around with you.

It was at this point I wasn’t happy with the price of the event. In the past, I have taken part in charity colour runs and only paid £15 and for that price, you get a t-shirt, bag, glasses, water and bacon sandwich. This event wasn’t to raise sponsorship but cost £32.50 pp (if you booked in January, prices go up each month as the event draws closer) for this price you get to a t-shirt and to participate. Those who booked in August 2016 paid less, got a bag filled with things (don’t know what was in it as I didn’t qualify for one), a bandana and a t-shirt. It’s not a big deal but I didn’t bring any glasses and was made to pay £6 for a pair.

Once we checked in we could begin the warm up, this was fun but we didn’t get paint sprayed on us which would have been cool. Eventually, we were ready to run and as if on purpose it started to rain. This made the inflatable obstacles wet and the paint runny – which was much more fun.

The first two obstacles were close to one another but as the run went on they became further apart. In total, the run is 5k with obstacles throughout, to my disappointment it’s not just one long bouncy castle type obstacle. In between each inflatable, we’d run for a little while and then walk,  if you’re used to running then you’d probably be able to run the whole distance between the inflatables.

Each obstacle was different so you never did the same thing twice. There were bouncy castle type obstacles, ball pits, space hoppers and much more. The great thing is you don’t have to complete an obstacle if you don’t want to, so there’s no pressure – it’s just for fun.

Throughout the event, there’s music playing and water stops, so you don’t have to carry your own water bottle – thank goodness! Overall the event was fun but there were quite a lot of queues, next time there need to be more obstacles.

Top Tips

  • Book in advance to save.
  • Wear old clothes and trainers.
  • Take part in the warm up.
  • There are stores there so maybe some money in case something catches your eye.
  • Take a cover for car seats, or spare clothes.
  • Remember your glasses to cover your eyes.
  • Don’t worry about getting messy or if it rains.
  • Have fun!

Once we’d completed the course we headed to McDonald’s, a great way to complete a day packed with exercise!


Sophie x.

5 Films That Should Never Be Remade

After watching the monstrosity of Dirty Dancing 2017, I got thinking about what other films should never, ever be remade.

Firstly most of these films are from the 80’s and are fantastic, in fact, they’re so fantastic I wasn’t even born when they were made, but even now children of 10 are still watching them. Whether it’s the (what we now see as) bad graphics, inappropriate language – which I never noticed growing up, or the amazing story lines one thing is for sure these are forever in my heart!

Stand By Me

One of my favourite films from childhood, although on reflection it’s not really a film for children. The story of a group of young boys who are friends, then they find themselves going on the hunt for a dead body. In this films my first celebrity crush, River Phoenix 🙂

As a child, I think the main reason I liked the film was due to the fact I knew I shouldn’t really have bee watching it. As I got older it’s the feeling nostalgia it evokes, thinking about those you grew up with and shared so much with, and the fact that there’s maybe one or two you haven’t grown apart from. In some cases, that’s not a bad thing but it’s perhaps the only time in life that you truly don’t really have much to worry about – if you’re lucky your childhood is about having fun and experiencing things to get you ready for life.

Plus, you can’t mention this film without mentioning Ben E. King’s song ‘Stand By Me’. I was obsessed with this song and it still brings me to tears – right now I’m contemplating having it on at my wedding but I don’t want to cry!

This film should not be remade, it’s good enough as is leave it alone!

Back to the Future

Let’s start with one film I think we can all agree with, Back to the Future. When I first watched this I fell in love with Michael J Fox and went on to watch more of his films. His character was lovable with BIG dreams, even if the fashion sense was to be desired.

The story line is incredible and gets you thinking, every time you watch it… What year would I travel back to… What would I tell people about… What if my Mum fancied me!!

One thing I didn’t notice until I was older is how many times the word b*****d is used. Nowadays if the film was to be released it would be a 12, if not a 15. Never the less I figured if I don’t remember those words as a child then my son won’t so he’s allowed to watch it. Although he is 10 he absolutely loved it.

If a remake was to be made I’d imagine it would go one of two ways, the script would be altered or too much money would be spent and an over the top version would be made, using the most famous of stars. The only thing I can say is, please don’t remake this film, try and come up with new stories to share with the world.

Hocus Pocus

What a film? Every Halloween in my house it’s on and we sit with sweets and popcorn waiting to enjoy that song – ‘I’ll put a spell on you’. For some reason, there hasn’t been another family Halloween film that matches up to this.

The cast is brilliant and you completely forget that Sarah Jessica Parker plays the younger blonde witch (but then again I only realised she was in Footloose this weekend).

The songs, story line, costumes and comedic touches make this one of my favourite films and I don’t think it should be remade. There’s no need I think this film will appeal to children and families for years to come. I’ve heard that there is meant to be a sequel being released and I just hope they do it justice.

The Lost Boys

The first time I experienced vampires! From the very beginning, I was hooked. The opening song is creepy but the perfect song to start such an amazing film.

Obviously, some of the graphics are outdated but the story is still good and it’s actually quite comical. There’s nothing wrong with that, Kiefer Sutherland played a good part and the rest of the cast were good too.

The main reason I do not want this film to be remade is due to the way vampires are now portrayed – they don’t glitter in the sun!

The Goonies

Enough said!

Sophie x.

My Attempt at Healthy Food for a Fussy Eater

My culinary skills are to be desired but that doesn’t stop me from trying and sharing my creations!

I am a very fussy eater and one thing I really dislike is onions, which makes finding pre-prepared food quite difficult. Plus I work full time and on my weekends I like to spend quality time with my son, who no longer enjoys cooking with his mother. So, this week I thought I’d give these recipes a go.

Chilli Con Carne


  • Chilli Powder
  • Tomato Puree
  • Quorn Mince
  • Kidney/Mixed Beans
  • Red Pepper
  • Beef Stock

About the ingredients: I really don’t like the texture of mince and I find Quorn to be a lovely alternative, along with beef stock I don’t miss anything about beef mince at all.

As I don’t like onions I do not add them to this dish, which is why it can be difficult to buy ready made chilli that I like.



  1. First I cook the Quorn until it is warm and completely defrosted.
  2. Then I add the stock, which I dissolve in hot water before adding.
  3. The tomato puree is added (a tablespoon) and a teaspoon of chilli powder.
  4. Then the peppers and beans are added.
  5. Once all ingredients are cooked I’m ready to go.

Overall cooking time: 20 minutes

About the ingredients: I really don’t like the texture of mince and I find Quorn to be a lovely alternative, along with beef stock I don’t miss anything about beef mince at all.

As I don’t like onions I do not add them to this dish, which is why it can be difficult to buy ready made chilli that I like.



  1. First I cook the Quorn until it is warm and completely defrosted.
  2. Then I add the stock, which I dissolve in hot water before adding.
  3. The tomato puree is added (a tablespoon) and a teaspoon of chilli powder.
  4.  Then the peppers and beans are added.
  5. Once all ingredients are cooked I’m ready to go.

Overall cooking time: 20 minutes

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Leek and Potato Soup


  • 4 Leeks
  • 5 large Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Chicken Stock

About the ingredients: As I do not like the texture of leeks this soup is perfect because smooth!

This recipe makes two bowls of soup, perfect for lunch with some crusty bread.



  1. Prepare the veg.
  2. Add cold water to the veg. and bring to the boil.
  3. When potatoes are soft add the chicken stock and a pinch of salt.
  4. Wait until there’s little water left, and take off the hob.
  5. Use a hand blender and blend until there are no lumps.

Overall cooking time: 45 minutes (mainly waiting for the potatoes to soften)

I’m sure in time I will discover many more recipes but for now, I’m happy with these two.

Interiors for the small home

We live in a small 2 bedroom house, at one point there were 5 of us living there, whilst my mum looked for a new house! It’s safe to say at that point things were hectic and we needed more room.

Now there are only 3 of us living there (and a parrot), even though family are in and out a lot, and there still doesn’t feel like there’s enough space. Although the rooms look pretty spacious I just can’t get adequate storage space. In this post, I’m going to share with you how I ensure each room in my home looks bigger than it is.

Kitchen Interiors


Let’s start in the kitchen, firstly I like red so my statement colour in here is red. Other than the one statement colour I use shades of white and black, this opens up the room. The white walls make space look bigger and also help the light from the windows flow through the whole room.

As we have no dining room (frustrating) we have made a breakfast table from some leftover kitchen work surfaces, adding the red chairs gives the room character and providing an American diner feel. The red fridge was added mainly because I like it but also to add to the American diner style. The breakfast bar is both practical and stylish, although I wish I had room for more seats.

Living Room

I spend most of my time in the living room. It’s where I like to relax, where I like to snack and watch TV shows, and where we get together as a family for film or game night.

No matter how small this room has to also feel warm and welcoming as well as open, bright, and fresh. That’s why we went for darker tones in this room with light curtains to open up the room slightly.


One of my favourite pieces in this room is my lamp, it’s really bright and quite trendy at the moment. I also love my fireplace, the lights that shine onto the side shelves are not too bright but provide a dim light for the evenings, which makes a cosy environment for relaxing in.

Landing & Staircase

To most people, this  may not be the most important room in the house but I think this area can set the scene for the rest of the home. In our house we have a large mirror on the stairs to open up the space.

Along the staircase walls we have family photos and a large clock so we can always find the time!


So, our bedroom isn’t too small, it’s actually an okay size. Although we could do with a little more space now. We use light colours to reflect the natural light, ensuring the space is open and bright.

The main issue we had was storage, as I like to keep a lot of old clothes- you never know when they may come back in fashion. To overcome this issue we have converted our old airing cupboard into a space where we can keep paperwork, suitcases and other items we don’t need everyday.

As you have probably noticed I still have Christmas items on my bed. That’s because I love Christmas and surrounding myself with items I like before I sleep and when I wake up makes me happy.

In fact I like the idea of positive energies, it’s something I’ve recently been looking into a lot. Surrrounding myself with positive things, and positive people can make me feel happier and ultimately make me feel positive about where life is taking me. This is why I try to fill my home with the items I like rather than items that are in style.

My Top 3 Wedding Venues


A lovely hotel, bar, restaurant located in Chester city centre this is the perfect place for a medium sized wedding, with an edge. The decoration is unusual, which is exactly what I’m looking for. The good thing about a wedding here is that there are four really lovely attic bedrooms which are available for you to hire for the wedding.  There are also apartments on the premises that can be hired too.

Wedding’s take place on the second floor, which is all for you. There is a bar, outdoor rooftop terrace, ceremony room and landing. The decoration is varied as each room has its own style.

Styal Lodge

A lovely lodge based just outside of Manchester, I really liked the look and contemporary style the lodge had to offer. Other than the commute relatives would have had to take to get there the price is what shocked me the most.

We were quoted such a high price just for the venue, this included nothing else! If you’re planning for a wedding I’m sure you can appreciate that each element takes the time to organise and commit to so when you’re paying for everything individually it can become very expensive.

Chirk Castle

This a beautiful place surrounded by manicured landscapes, and if I had the cash I would choose to get married here. Unfortunately, I do not and also don’t want to wait forever before getting married – well I don’t want to have grey hair and wrinkles (at my first wedding)!

If you’re looking for a grand wedding whether inside or out this is the venue you need to view. Located in North Wales the view from the castle grounds is unspoilt and the need for decoration is minimal – if you like medieval architecture. The castle was built between 1295 and 1310 and is still in excellent condition.

The castle grounds remind me of Alice in Wonderland with perfectly cut hedges and bushes – which make for beautiful pictures. There are also secret doors and other areas to the castle that are very private, meaning even when all the friends and family are there you’ll find a place to escape for a while.

Ran by the National Trust any wedding views will need to be made through them (well that was my experience) and that can be difficult as they never seem to have much time. Just replying to emails can be a waiting game.

The Decision

Eventually, after years! We settled on Oddfellows due to the price, the ready-made interior design and it’s perfect central spot in Chester city centre. We got a really good deal with mist things included in our price. ll we need to find now is;

  • A photographer
  • Flowers
  • Dress
  • Flower Girls Dress
  • Pre Wedding Picture
  • Suites
  • Rings
  • Some Table Decorations – which I’m planning on making myself!
  • Beautician, Hairdresser and Makeup

I think that’s everything but you never know!

Sophie x.

Mother’s Day is coming…

Desktop Image

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I have to say all I really want is a nice relaxing day. The plan is (weather dependent) going to Llandudno for a walk along the pier, then heading for some food, maybe some fish and chips.

But it’s sometimes nice to receive gifts too! So, here’s my list of potential gift options.

Personalised Mug

If you have children you’ll know that every year during Primary school they create an image of their mum and a personal message to feature in the local newspaper. This year I realised I can get this drawing printed on a mug, coaster, card and chopping board, amongst other things. As I don’t cook but do drink tea I thought it’d be nice to get the mug and bring to work. This gift is top of my list and is only £7.50 inc. p&p.

Make up Brushes

This is slightly boring but I’d like some new makeup brushes. In an ideal world, I’d like some Chanel or Bobbi Brown brushes but that’s not going to happen so I will settle for the ecobrush set, for only £12.

I must be a lucky ducky at the moment as that’s all I really want, other than to spend a lovely day with my son, mother and family.

Have a great Mother’s Day.

Sophie x.

2017 films I can’t wait to see

I love watching films – it takes me away and I get very engrossed, so need a few minutes to myself after watching some films to get back to reality. I’ve never met anyone else that relates to this so would be good to know others are out there!

In general I don’t have time to go searching for unknown and rare films so generally stick to ones I hear about. Here’s my list of films I can’t wait to see this year, obviously there will be more, I just haven’t heard that they’re due for release, yet.

Sandy Wexler

Adam Sandler films are amongst my favourite, they’re so easy to watch and I think most are well written. Take Bedtime Stories and Click as examples, these are brilliant films. I personally like some of his earlier films like Billy Madison and Mr Deeds. The storyline for Sandy Wexler seems like it’s gonna be a  good one, so I’m excited.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I only recently watched the first Kingsman and I have to say the cast were good, the story was good, basically it was all good. There are so many places the second film could go I think it will be great. Although I’m not too sure about Channing Tatum being in it, but at least if the film isn’t great, between him and Taron Egerton it’ll look good.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando’s back in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean and I have to say I’m glad about this.The first will always be my favourite but I hope this one isn’t a let down.

Power Rangers

As a child I loved the Power Rangers and want to see this film – even though I think it’s going to be cheesy! But I won’t judge until I’ve seen it, for all I know it’s amazing. The trailer seems to make it look good so I’m hoping it’ll be closer to a superhero action film than a child’s TV show.

Spider-Man – Homecoming

Now, I do like a superhero film, although not too keen on the latest Spider-man films. Tobey Maguire is my Spider-man and I’m hopingTom Holland will be just as good!


Firstly, I have a son! But who am I kidding this is a must see for me I have enjoyed watching the programme and if the other LEGO films are anything to go by I’m gonna like it.

Sophie x.