2018 in 5 Memories

2018 has gone by very quickly and it was a year filled with highs and lows, but there were certainly lessons learned, that have set us up for the coming year.

Every year comes with surprises but 2018’s surprises weren’t so great, the planned times were amazing but other than those I have loved and lost these are the main memories I would like to take with me for 2018.

Hen Party

Heading to Porthmadog for my hen party was great, and an amazing surprise. I had visited this place for years as a child, as my family owned a caravan there and this was our only holiday every year – looking back it was great.

We spent the weekend celebrating and it got a little messy but the last night we spent pampering ourselves so we were ready to leave on the Monday. I just wish I had of taken more pictures, but I guess, you don’t when you’re enjoying yourself in the moment.


wedding pictures

Our wedding was amazing, and truly was one of the best days of my life, and I would do it again.

Finding a venue and planning can be stressful but on the day I totally didn’t care because there was nothing I could do about it, so I just focused on having a bloody good time. This would be my advice for any bride to be – just enjoy yourself.


Sicily Honeymonn.PNG

Sicily was the perfect place for a honeymoon it had everything we could possibly want. The glorious beach, a great hotel, shopping, history, and good food… take me back!

Home Improvements

home improvements 2

Moving into our new home about one year ago I would like to have done more than we have, but when we look back we’ve done a lot. This picture shows how much we have done to the toilet.

This year we would like to continue updating the home and we have already started in the living room. The only issue is that every room seems to be grey and white – think we need to widen our colour palette.

Family Time

Family Time.PNG

After losing someone very close to me last year my family has become even closer and we are making sure we have celebrations as frequently as possible because this is what matters. My family is quite big and it can be difficult to keep up with what’s going on with everyone but it is important to make the time and I will cherish the times we all spent together in 2018.

When looking at your memories in this way the year seems so much better, and perhaps the good times were overshadowed by the odd negative experience. This year I plan to remain positive and implement techniques I have learned to do this such as meditation, The Law of Attraction, and exercise. Come on 2019!

Wedding Invites – Don’t Pay An Arm & A Leg

The price for wedding invitations can be high, to get the perfect design, material, and print. If you are thrifty, you can save a lot of money and still have unique invitations. Of course, if you are looking to cut costs then spend away!

Making them Unique

When choosing my invites all I knew was that they had to represent the day ahead. For me, this meant making them classic with a slight quirk.

We knew we had an engagement shoot coming up so decided to make the most out of it. Before the shoot, I prepared three chalkboards each containing details for the wedding – the date, place and time.

The images turned out well…


Printing the Invitations

Initially, we thought about designing and printing them ourselves which would have saved us a lot of money. Until I found a good deal on Vistaprint so went there to get them printed. For £70 I managed to get 90 prints in two slightly different designs, one for day guests and one for the evening.

Untitled design

We waited for about a week for these to be delivered, and very quickly and efficiently, we received them.

Completing the Design

To finish them off I went to Hobbycraft and bought some doilies and brown string. I am yet to get round to completing them but will update when I have…

Overall, we are very happy with our invitations and they were less than £100, now all that’s left to do is post them.