The Enchanted Village -Alton Towers

Every year I visit Alton Towers at least twice for Halloween, Bonfire Night, my son’s birthday or a summer trip. And at least once a year we stay in one of the hotels. This year we decided on The Enchanted Village or as my son called it the Shire.


In the past we have stayed in the Splash Landings hotel and  it hasn’t lived up to our expectations. The walls are thin and you can hear everything happening in the hall and room next door. For the amount of money you pay for 1 night here I expect better.

After seeing the Enchanted Village I had to stay there just to see what it was all about. It was fantastic as soon as you enter there is music playing, games for the children and a wonderful atmosphere. We stayed in one of the lodges as the large tree houses were a little out of our price range.


Taking a walk around the village was lovely and getting to it from the park wasn’t too bad either – just take the monorail. If you haven’t been to the park before this is located near Splash Landings. If you’re visiting the waterpark I would stay in the village and not Splash Landings- which we usually do in March for my son’s birthday as the park is closed. The waterpark is amazing and I would suggest you take a trip. My son was only 6 when he first went and could touch the floor nearly everywhere – even I can touch the floor and I’m only 5ft!

After a long day at the park we didn’t want to sit down in a busy restaurant so we decided to get a take out. We asked at reception and the prices were ridiculous so we went on just eat and ordered pizza from a place nearby. Even though Alton Towers seems to be in a remote location the take out came quicker than a Dominos at home! They even brought it to the Enchanted Village and just called us when they were there.

In the night time the village really lights up and it does feel like the Shire.


Breakfast in the Crooked Spoon is fine, a buffet style and a good selection for all – even the fussy children and adults.

I’d love to hear about your experience so please leave a comment!