On the hunt: for the perfect bra

I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to find a bra that fits well. Either the wire hurts me or the cup size is not quite right.

Whilst on the hunt for my perfect bra and size I came across Hunkemoller whose bras are very comfy. I chose a black balcony style bra that has removable straps and costs £22.50 to purchase.

Firstly the box the bra arrived in was pretty with a lovely message, however, a little tissue paper instead of a plastic bag would have given it a little extra touch.


The product itself is made well with fabric that is not too flimsy and the bra fastener is in silver with three hook options.



Wearing the bra is a comfortable experience and I am pleased to say that the 32D fit very well 🙂

I wore the item on a weekend when I was active around the house and doing the food shop, and on a weekday at my office desk and on both occasions it held me in place and was very lightweight.

The straps are also removable so I thought I would test this out too and the cups stayed in place much better than many other strapless bras I have tried, although not for longer than an hour, then was a slight slide. The elastic helped keep the bra in place, and that was with the straps too.

Overall, I am happy with this product and would happily purchase from the website.