A Works Trip to the South of France

So, a while ago I had a job marketing for a company that sold and rented luxury properties on the Cote d’Azur. It was a lovely job that had amazing benefits – like staying in a fabulous villa. I wrote this blog for the job but it was never used and I thought I’d share it with you here.

Having never visited the South of France before but knowing so much about the glamorous area and its many fabulous properties, I was eager to experience the coast for myself.

Flying into the Cote d’Azur at nightfall is a fantastic experience, as you’re fooled by the near miss of the plane as it just drifts across the Sea and lands in Nice. Once out of the airport, and the maze of a multi-storey car park you are free to view the open road and the picturesque alpine landscape. Although having worked for a Cote d’Azur luxury property group meant that my eyes were drawn more to the architecture, especially one such property that has stuck in my mind – the pyramids.

Travelling along the French Riviera I was on route to a Luxury Retreat nestled conveniently in the hills between Provence and the Cote d’Azur. Upon entrance to the private estate, I found myself surprised at the grand gates and friendly welcome I received. Driving to the Villa through the large domain, with golf cart leading the way I eventually reached the impressive property.


The extravagant yet homely villa (that’s much larger than my home)met me with expansive windows offering a preview of the interiors, I was eager to experience the rest of this fabulous house.

Upon entrance, I discovered a glamorous setting with a large chandelier and open plan interior design with cascading staircases. In front of me stood large windows that displayed to all of its visitors the exterior grand swimming pool and outside living areas. 

The upside to arriving at this fine property at night was that I could instantly experience the incredible bedrooms that provide exceptional comfort. I awoke the next morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated ready to start the day with the prepared breakfast that awaited me if by magic in the untouched kitchen slash dining area. After a scrummy breakfast of whatever I wished I felt ready to explore the rest of the coast.

Starting with a little of Provence; Fayence is a pretty village in the French-Alpes-Cote d’Azur area of France that presented a splendid market with fresh food, drink and beautiful garments, quilts and pottery.

The brightly painted properties and cobbled streets – not providing the best environment of which to walk – allowed for a picturesque cultural village to be experienced.

Leaving Provence and heading closer to the coast we soon reached Cannes. Greeted by the amazing maritime and Palais de Festivals it was apparent we were in the land of the rich and famous.

La Croisette showed us the finest in designer apparel and the restaurants served tasty and lovely looking food! Compared to Provence Cannes is an extravagant open area which boasts its success.

Moving further up the coast we visited the Old town of Antibes; a discrete yet magical area with hidden gems around every brightly painted cobbled corner. One such gem to me was the mouthwateringly amazing chocolatiers, which presented the finest chocolate. Including a chocolate wall and chocolate scented cave, I was in heaven!

Travelling back to the villa I got the chance to view both areas of the South of France from coast to hillside I was interested to see what was hidden behind every turn. The greeting we received back at the villa was fantastic with butler ready and waiting the nights dining had begun, a fine three-course meal prepared by the in-house chef and a selection of wines to accompany was a welcome treat.

I’m now planning my next trip to the French Riveria when I shall visit Villefranche, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, and Monaco.