Visiting Chester Zoo

Last weekend we went to Chester Zoo for the first time in many years, although I went often as a child. The weather was freezing but we still had a fab time.

As the zoo opens at 10am we got up and gathered the troops, in total nine of us went so plenty of food and beverages were required. As you can imagine there were several bags to carry so taking a little one was a good idea, this way the pram could be used to carry the bags! Until he got tired and needed it back for a nap.

The trip was with the family as part of my son’s birthday weekend. Since our last visit five years ago some of the enclosures have moved and been renovated and in quite a clever way. For example, the Tigers have plenty of space for privacy but their main (I suppose you could call it) chilling area is near the viewing point so you can get really nice pictures.

In the past, we have taken the general route around the zoo, which seems to be visiting the Elephants first and then making our way to the Giraffes. But, this time we started at the monkey house and then the bat cave, before taking the bridge to the Cheaters. This was a much better route because it was much quieter, although the zoo wasn’t exactly packed due to the weather conditions. Which wasn’t much of an issue as many of the animals have indoor areas, although the boats and monorail were closed.

The main issue for the children was that the park areas had been shut, you would think they wouldn’t be too fussed about this when they have a whole zoo to explore.

Zoo park

Near the large park is a food hall, we stopped at this point to tuck into our sandwiches and grab a hot drink. I am happy we took food with us as for two plates of fries it was £5 and to be honest when there are nine to feed that’s a little expensive.

From here we headed to the Lion’s, who were not happy, the male was roaring extremely loud. My son, who doesn’t like loud noises, was not impressed although the other children were enjoying it. I forget how loud their roar is and how scary it would be to hear in the wild with no protection.

Zoo Lion

From here we made our way to the Tigers, who are located in the new(er) part ‘The Islands’. When it’s not icy you have the option of taking a boat ride around the enclosures, which sounds like a lovely way to view them. The Islands are much bigger than I expected so before seeing the Tigers we walked around a tropical area which is home to many species of bird, fish, an alligator and turtles. The area reminded me of the Eden Project and is a nice addition.

Before leaving we had another hot drink (as there are plenty of places to purchase refreshments) and let the children run around, just like wild animals! We then headed to the Elephants, who were all indoors due to the cold weather, and finally took to the gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and the animals were very comical, we look forward to purchasing our annual passes so we can go throughout the summer when the weather is warm (hopefully).