Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

After enjoying our honeymoon last year, and having witnessed many friends getting married, then trying to find that perfect honeymoon spot I thought I would take some time to create this post, in hopes it makes finding the perfect destination I little simpler for 2019 honeymooners.

Before searching for the ideal honeymoon spot, create a list of must-have criteria, and potential limitations. For example, we could only take time out for one week and therefore could not travel long haul. We also like to do different things when on holiday too, I like to see the sights and explore the culture and history of the place, whereas my husband prefers to relax on a beach and take a swim.

These criteria narrowed our list of places to visit leaving us with a focus on Europe, and as we have been to several European countries we wanted to try somewhere different but that was on my list of places I really gotta see – this left us with Sicily.

To help you create your list and get you thinking, here’s a list of my top 10 potential honeymoon destinations.

An Italian Honeymoon


If you are searching for a place that has a little of everything then honeymoons in Italy may be for you.

From the cities where you can see history come to life to the spectacular coastlines such as the Amalfi Coast, newlyweds could indulge in fine wine and local cuisine. With so many places to see it is also possible to visit more than one location so Venice, Florence, and Rome may be on the cards.

This is a great place for historical, relaxing, or culture honeymoons. If you love the ocean and want a taste of the tropical life, then the next destination may be the place for you.

Honeymoon in the Indian Ocean

If you love the water and want to travel a little further then a honeymoon in the Indian Ocean can offer just that. The sounds of the ocean and surrounding rainforests will make sure your troubles melt away as relaxation kicks in.

This destination is perfect for a 2 week getaway for those looking to take the time to simply be together.

South of France – Your Luxury Honeymoon


The South of France is one of my favourite places with amazing beaches, plenty of cuisine and amazing accommodation options this is a romantic place for your honeymoon.

If you are searching for a quieter destination within reach of other places on the coast, Cap d’Antibes is a brilliant option. Alternatively, if you are looking for spectacular beaches then head to St Tropez.

Australia’s East Coast

If one resort is not enough then a tour along the East Coast of Australia can help achieve what you are searching for. From Brisbane/Cairns to Sydney.

If you are looking for a tour then you may need 3-4 weeks to really get into it and have time to adjust to the time difference.

Honeymooning in Marrakesh

Marrakesh2Marrakesh is a beautiful city in Morocco that offers a glimpse into medieval ways, in the walled city. The souks are perfect for shopping, whilst the mosques, palaces, and gardens allow for cultural exploration.

The flight to Marrakesh isn’t too long from the UK and when I went we were here for 1 week which was enough time for us to take a few trips and relax too.

Barbados West Coast

In the Caribbean lies the island of Barbados, which is known for being a happy place. In fact, it is described as being 21 miles long and a smile wide.

The west coast is particularly popular for honeymooners with St James offering famous sandy shores, luxury shopping experiences, and fabulous hotels. Moving further down the coast in St Micheal lie beaches filled with character as the coast becomes more rugged.

This beautiful island is a tranquil environment for a honeymoon and is the height of luxury.

Ibiza Not Just a Party Town

Known primarily for its nightlife Ibiza may not appear to be the best honeymoon spot, but its crystal-clear waters and boutique hotels can be perfect for a happy couple.

If you are looking for a place that is lively, luxury, with hidden gems for relaxation then Ibiza is for you. Ibiza is also home to beautiful vineyards offering tastings and tours for those looking to escape from the main action for the day.

Out of the Sunshine and Over to Iceland

Not all of us are searching for a sunny trip and that’s perfectly fine, I don’t like being in the sun all day, in fact, I prefer the winter!

Iceland is famous for witnessing the northern lights, its Blue Lagoon, and dramatic scenery all of which are perfect for a romantic setting. Many of the hotels here are traditional for the area with a Nordic design that makes you feel warm. This is an especially good destination for a Christmas honeymoon.

New York, New York

This is perhaps the busiest of places on this list but it has a way of making every individual feel special. There are plenty of tours, museums, and galleries to keep you busy, and that’s not including the shopping opportunities – oh and don’t forget to catch a show!

The great thing about this getaway is that you can visit for 4 days and still feel like you have seen and done soooo much, but staying for at least a week is best, in order to see enough without rushing.

Don’t Fancy Going Abroad?


My last destination is right here in the UK because I have many friends who either don’t want to travel or are scared of flying and I feel many times these domestic tourists are forgotten about.

If you have read my blog posts about North Wales you will know I am a big fan. The Llyn peninsula offers amazing beaches in tranquil environments so you can get lost in your own thoughts and spend quality time together. Some of the beaches have clear blue seas and just around the corner are green fields ideal for a countryside stroll.

This is my top 10 list for honeymoons, from long-haul destinations to perfect places right here in the UK.

Grand Hotel Mazzarò Sea Palace

Located in the centre of a cove with a private beach this is a fabulous place to stay and relax when in Sicily.

The Hotel

From the front of the hotel, you would not know that a beach is hidden at its rear. The driveway is steep, although the steps leading to the reception are not too bad. Upon entry to the hotel, you are greeted by friendly staff who are happy to assist.

If your room is not ready, guests are directed to the ground floor where a marble and seating bar area awaits. The decor is stunningly beautiful and put me at ease when it comes to cleanliness.

Marble Bar

The large doors provide a sneak peak of the beachfront and outdoor seating area. Once outside the staircase is hidden by a circular wall which leads to the beach. One at the edge of the beach white and grey sunbeds make you instantly want to simply chill out.

Before stepping foot on the sand and choosing your sunbed the lifeguards hurry over to place your towels down and prepare your parasol. Once you are ready a bartender is there waiting to take your drinks order, and food if you are hungry and don’t mind spending 20EUROS on a burger.


The beach is a key feature at this hotel as it can be seen from the room balconies and heard as you relax in bed, this provides the perfect tranquil environment. The rooms themselves are clean and fresh with white bed linen and a marble bathroom.

Hotel Balcony

My favourite thing about the service was the turn down when you arrive from an evening out to your pajamas folded neatly at the end of the bed, slippers by the side, and throw cushions in their hiding place. Oh, and sweets on the bed!

The location of the hotel is great too, just seconds from the cable cars that lead to Taormina and seconds from bus services. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants around in case you just don’t feel like heading into the main shopping town.

This hotel is a brilliant place to stay and the most relaxing place I have been. Perfect for a honeymoon or just a getaway as a couple.

Why Sicily was the Perfect Honeymoon Spot

When searching for a honeymoon location many choose exotic locations, where couples in the brochure are walking along a beach hand-in-hand as the sunsets behind them. Not us…

We wanted to find somewhere that met my need for history and my now husbands need for sunshine and the beach. That’s when we decided on Sicily and what a great decision that turned out to be.

The Landscape


The landscape was romantic, made up of rugged hills and towns that tell a story just from the views. The winding roads that lead to hidden towns can be scary when on a bus but provide the most breathtaking views.

The Cuisine


It’s not just the landscape but the cuisine is delicious offering freshly prepared meals, warm ciabatta, and breadsticks. Occasionally, we would also receive lemon sorbet which I really enjoyed.

Going out for an evening meal is more of an experience, taking a seat outside of a quaint restaurant and eating a meal by candlelight this is the perfect place for a couple on their honeymoon, or partake in some people watching!

The Location


When arriving at the hotel we felt extremely grateful to be met by such amazing scenery, from the balcony of our room we could see the beach and the cove which or hotel was nestled in.

From the hotel, it was a 30-second walk to the bus stop or cable car that takes you straight into the main town of Taormina; this is where we would head to in the evening for our meal and drinks and the shops are open until approximately 10pm meaning there was no need to shop during the daytime. This left more time for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, or attractions nearby.

We have been back for 5 days and we are missing it already, would love to go back and experience this amazing place with the rest of the family. Such a relaxing atmosphere and plenty to enjoy.

The Sicily Plan

After researching a few options for our honeymoon this year, we have finally settled on Sicily. It’s beaches, history and culture are all appealing and I am looking forward to the visit. However, I want to make the most of being there, so this post is basically our itinerary.

We are in Sicily for nights and we are well aware what honeymoons are meant for, but you have to take a few breaks and make the most of visiting a new place. With this in mind, I am looking for about 3 activities and a few restaurants that provide food for extremely fussy eaters!

The Attractions

There are many attractions in Sicily but we are looking for places to go near to where we are staying, here are the trips on the top of our list:

Mount Etna


Image Source

As Europe’s tallest active volcano, this is a must-see on our stay in Sicily. From our accommodation, there are many tour companies who offer excursions to Catania, the ancient city destroyed by earthquakes and Etna’s eruptions. From here tours to the volcano itself or local walking tours can be booked to explore the city.

As we would only have one day to explore I think we will book a private tour and hope that we can view the volcano and take some time to look around the city before heading back to our hotel.

Godfather Walking Tour

Savoca is located about 45 minutes from our accommodation when in Sicily, so we are the perfect distance to attend a Godfather walking tour. As part of the tour we would visit the unchanged Bar Vitelli, we can take in the view from the square (ideal as this was the location of the wedding scene), and as we explore the filming locations we will also discover the history of the Sicilian Mafia.

Having looked around this is the company I would prefrebly like to book with is

Wine Tasting


There are a number of wine tasting tours available including one with Etna included or with Godfather tour. As we are not big wine drinkers the tours probably aren’t at the top of my list but it would still be a relaxing experience and something nice to do during our honeymoon.

There is the option of a 6-hour tasting… this seems a little extensive for me, so maybe a shorter one will be better. It would seem that the best option for our trip would be a local tour along with food and a tasting – two birds one stone!

I have chosen three activities that are varied rather than doing the same type of thing three times in one week! Now all that’s left to do is get married.

If you have any suggestions of places to visit whilst in Sicily, I’d love to hear about them.

Where for a honeymoon?

As the wedding bells draw nearer thoughts are turning to the honeymoon. As a parent, I already feel the guilt creeping in, as I think of traveling without the little man. But, you only have one honeymoon…

Therefore I am braving it and going with just my husband. Taking a plane and leaving the country without my little lad worries me ever so slightly, but I don’t really fancy a honeymoon in the UK, plus I haven’t been away from the UK for over a year.

When looking for the best honeymoon spot I decided not to use the word ‘honeymoon’ when searching, I found this brought with it a much higher holiday cost. Therefore we searched for luxury holidays or premium holidays. It’s worth mentioning here that we are not millionaires so when I say luxury I mean a holiday that costs no more than £3,000 for two, with at least breakfast included.

If I had no budget then I’d travel to New York, California and then meet the rest of the family in Florida, but right now that’s not going to happen.

On this budget, we knew it would be best to stay in Europe, plus I don’t really like leaving my son and I wouldn’t want to go to the US without him.

Our main issue was that we are two very different people, who look for differing things in a holiday. I like exploring and the hubby (to be) likes relaxing on the beach. With this in mind here are the places we considered:



Spain has a lot to offer and meets our criteria of history and beaches, but I have been here quite a few times. Although there still a few places I’d like to visit, and they would be good for a honeymoon:


Bordering the coast of Southern Spain sits Andalusia, which is home to an array of scenery making it a popular filming location. Andalusia is made up of eight provinces, with Seville as the capital.

Seville is full of history and is very picturesque. The ornate Alcázar castle complex is an amazing piece of architecture, well it would have to be as it is a part-time home of the Spanish royal family.

Malaga is also part of Andalusia and is home to some fantastic beaches. We stopped here as part of our cruise and unexpectedly I  really liked it here, we spent the day relaxing on the beach – which was lovely and the sunbeds weren’t too expensive either. Before we boarded the ship we took to the shops, which were modern and inviting, we also stopped at an ice cream parlor – which was great and sold a good selection (I can’t remember its name). I would definitely like to stay for longer in Malaga but not for my honeymoon.

I am sure there is much more to be seen here but as I have briefly visited these destinations, this is all I can discuss.



For some reason I really want to visit Prague, I don’t know why because I haven’t heard many people talk about it and I don’t remember it being heavily advertised but it has always stood out to me. Images of this destination show breathtaking sites that encompass the region’s history and culture.

Prague Castle, which overlooks the city is on the top o my list to explore. Within the castle complex, there is much to see from the cathedral to the Golden Lane. Moving away from the Castle to Old Town with its colourful buildings and churches I would be very happy sitting with a coffee and watching the world go by.

As we wed in May the weather here should be perfect during the time we’re looking, so that is another tick for Pague. But there is one issue – there are no beaches 😦 so my partner is a no go. Although I could try and tempt him with the pivo, a fine beer!

South of France


Such a lovely place offering everything we’re looking for, but we’ve already been here a couple of times before. Plus, you would think that our budget wouldn’t get us much here, but you’d be surprised. As well as the high-end luxury for 20,000+ per week, there are also plenty of less expensive accommodation. We wouldn’t be looking to stay in a villa of our own but a nice hotel or apartment which cuts the cost quite considerably.

We also don’t mind a short journey to the affluent areas of St Tropez, Cannes and St Jean Cap Ferrat and of course Monaco.


So, we decided on Sicily, a place with glorious scenery, beaches and plenty of places to visit.

The hotel we have chosen is on the beach, perfect for relaxing, and the attractions are easy to reach (we’re hoping).

Now all that’s left to do is a bit of research into where we’ll visit and eat whilst we’re there. Another post I think…