Hen Party: which location?

Hen parties are a time of fun and laughter and forgetting your inhibitions and the majority of the time the hen has no idea what’s going to happen. This is true for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t guide the process.

These days more and more people are heading overseas for their hen party and why not when prices are so good. However, not everyone can afford this or wants to do this. I’m in between I’d love to experience an overseas getaway but at the same time I know that not everyone can afford it, not all of my friends have a passport, and the majority have children and not many babysitter options. For all of these reasons, this post will focus on UK hen parties that appeal to me, here are my top five places.

Why Liverpool?


Image via Pixabay

Liverpool is a vibrant city with plenty of lovely people. If you are looking to stay for a whole weekend, there are plenty of hotels and apartments all offering reasonable rates. A hen party in Liverpool can be both wild and sophisticated with plenty of places to visit and actives to enjoy; from a quiet relaxing spa day to a night drinking, dancing and watching Dreamboys.

Why Cardiff?

Cardiff is an eventful city with lots going on, unfortunately, I have never been but I have heard all about it.

When searching for hen party experiences in Cardiff many things appeared including pamper days, go-karting, quad biking and a trip to the casino. It would be the casino for me.

Why Bristol?


Image via Pixabay

Now I have had the honour of experiencing a hen party in Bristol and it was brilliant, yet sophisticated. It started with a spa day and a trip to an escape room – what a great start, an escape room gets people who don’t really know each other talking and provides the perfect start to an event.

We had a meal in The Alchemist, which was lovely as always and then headed to PRYZM where we had a private booth, champagne, and cocktail.

The next morning when the drink had worn off we did a bit of retail therapy before heading home. This was a brilliant place to celebrate a hen party and I would be happy to visit again.

Go Rural

This is more my thing, an apartment or house with a chef, mixologist or just plenty of food and drink. Obviously, I’d fill the place with my closest friends and we’d have a good old-fashioned sleepover. There would be activities during the day like quad biking or a dance class and we would party all weekend.

You could stay go to North Wales or head down South, either way, the choice would be yours.

The thing is I am not sure there are any companies that specialise in this and doing each part separately would be difficult for the person in charge.

Why London?


The capital, probably the most expensive place to choose and the busiest, so this isn’t really for me unless heading to the West End.

The good thing about London is that you won’t be stuck for a place to stay or thing to do because there will be plenty of options. There are unusual hen activities to enjoy here such as Fried Chicken Afternoon Tea, a cat-themed hen party, and crafternoons.

In the past, I have found that the best way to organise a hen party is using a hen party planning website, where you each have an account and money is paid by the attendee rather than through one person trying to manage everyone.


Color Rush 2017

Last weekend me and 4 of my friends took part in the Color Rush at Aintree Racecourse. It was fun and messy but there are a few things I felt they could have done to improve.

Firstly, I didn’t know what to wear and couldn’t find my gym clothes (because I wear them so frequently). I settled on leggings with a long top to cover my bum! I would advise that people don’t wear jeans or their finest clothes as they will get ruined – take a look at my trainer’s.


At the event parking and entry is all very simple but don’t forget your ticket! You can present this via email so no need to print off, although I wouldn’t take your phone around with you.

It was at this point I wasn’t happy with the price of the event. In the past, I have taken part in charity colour runs and only paid £15 and for that price, you get a t-shirt, bag, glasses, water and bacon sandwich. This event wasn’t to raise sponsorship but cost £32.50 pp (if you booked in January, prices go up each month as the event draws closer) for this price you get to a t-shirt and to participate. Those who booked in August 2016 paid less, got a bag filled with things (don’t know what was in it as I didn’t qualify for one), a bandana and a t-shirt. It’s not a big deal but I didn’t bring any glasses and was made to pay £6 for a pair.

Once we checked in we could begin the warm up, this was fun but we didn’t get paint sprayed on us which would have been cool. Eventually, we were ready to run and as if on purpose it started to rain. This made the inflatable obstacles wet and the paint runny – which was much more fun.

The first two obstacles were close to one another but as the run went on they became further apart. In total, the run is 5k with obstacles throughout, to my disappointment it’s not just one long bouncy castle type obstacle. In between each inflatable, we’d run for a little while and then walk,  if you’re used to running then you’d probably be able to run the whole distance between the inflatables.

Each obstacle was different so you never did the same thing twice. There were bouncy castle type obstacles, ball pits, space hoppers and much more. The great thing is you don’t have to complete an obstacle if you don’t want to, so there’s no pressure – it’s just for fun.

Throughout the event, there’s music playing and water stops, so you don’t have to carry your own water bottle – thank goodness! Overall the event was fun but there were quite a lot of queues, next time there need to be more obstacles.

Top Tips

  • Book in advance to save.
  • Wear old clothes and trainers.
  • Take part in the warm up.
  • There are stores there so maybe some money in case something catches your eye.
  • Take a cover for car seats, or spare clothes.
  • Remember your glasses to cover your eyes.
  • Don’t worry about getting messy or if it rains.
  • Have fun!

Once we’d completed the course we headed to McDonald’s, a great way to complete a day packed with exercise!


Sophie x.