Back to the 80’s

I  may have only been around for the last 8 days of the 80’s but I love this decade. The music, films, and culture all appeal to me. It seemed to be a time before too many rules or the overuse of technology, yet it was advanced enough that I wouldn’t have minded going to the dentist or having an operation. Most people who are old enough to remember the decade look back on it with fondness. Of course, I am probably idealising this decade and there will be people out there who just hated this time but I am yet to meet such a person.

In this post, I will travel around the world searching for the best places to find 80s nostalgia – planning my future trip. So, put those 80s classics on and get ready to plan a fantastic holiday.

The Goonies – Cannon Beach

An iconic film from 1985 that even kids of this generation still love to watch. The Goonies was filmed on the Oregon Coast, which offers some great spots for a road trip on Highway 101. Whilst enjoying the many coves you have to stop at Cannon Beach which is one of the film locations of The Goonies, as well as Twilight and Point Break. The weather here is not always great (like the UK) but grab your yellow mack and you’ll be fine!

Back to the Future – Universal

Again, another iconic film that has many stops to offer fans. Starting at Universal Studios, Hollywood you can visit Courthouse Square, which is a permanent film set for all to visit. Feeling hungry? Head to Burbank where you can grab a bite to eat at Burger King (just 15 mins away), and it’s the same one as seen in the film, so take a picture (with your skateboard if you have one). Whilst you’re in this part of the world you could also take a trip to the gas station where the Cyndi Lauper, R’ Good Enough music video was filmed (featured in the Goonies). Or you could visit the 2am bar which features on the Huey Lewis & The News, Sports album.

Duran Duran – Antigua

let’s go to the Caribbean, the island of Antigua to be exact, which was the location for the 1982 music video ‘Rio’. Many beaches were used for filming this music video including English Harbour and Miller’s Beach – so it’s a day at the beach on this musical tour.

The original plan was to find 5 places, across the globe to add to this list of future places I will visit for 80s nostalgia. The issue is there doesn’t seem to be many places for this unless you want to nip to a nearby arcade and play some video games. Even with so few places to visit, this would be one expensive trip, but well worth it. Alternatively, you could just binge watch 80s movies from the comfort of your living room, but I do that anyway!