The Best Passenger Planes

This post is slightly different to any others I have created on here, but if you have read our about us section you will know that I like to learn about the tourism industry and that doesn’t stop at people and places.

Aviation has obviously played a huge part in the evolution of travel and over recent years whenever I have taken a flight I have noticed subtle differences. Whether that’s a long-haul flight’s entertainment or the food.

I am no expert when it comes to planes but I do find them interesting and want to learn more.


Let’s start with perhaps the most iconic passenger plane from 1976, it could take you from the UK to New York was less than 4 hours and the price was sky high at £4,350 one-way!

Although popular for a long while the plane was expensive to run and when demand decreased after the fatal crash, was finally retired.

There are plenty of places you can view the Concorde, I went to MAN, not sure if it is still there but you can still see prototypes and production aircraft in many places across the UK.

Airbus A380

This double-decker plane has four engines and is the largest PAX airliner. The upper deck is as long as the fuselage and holds 330 passengers. The first flight was in 2005 and the plane is mainly used by Emirate, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines

Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 was produced in February 1969 and cost $24, million to create. On average the plane will hold 366 passengers and flies at 40 knots.

Boeing 787

The first flight was in December 2009 and the plane holds 359 passengers. Flying at 488 knots this plane costs $224, million to build.


Airbus A350

On first glance, you may think this is a Boeing 787 and that’s a simple mistake to make as they have many similarities. However, the A350 has been designed to hold more passengers and offers wider windows to take in the scenery.