Rome-an Away

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit Rome and I finally made it with a group of my closest friends. It wasn’t quite how I’d imagined it, but what is? I still had an amazing time and couldn’t wait to go back as part of my Italian Mediterranean cruise.

It was a trip I had been waiting a long while for DSCN0242and it couldn’t have come sooner. Although at first we were stuck between exploring history/heritage and basically just having a drink, I think we made the right choice choosing history/heritage and exploring Rome, until the soles of our shoes were worn!


DSCN0164Rome can be a pretty expensive place to stay although it doesn’t have to be, we stayed just outside the city in Aurelia at the Hostel Club campsite. The accommodation was a self-catered cabin (more like a caravan) and was perfect for us. The complex itself was not what I am used to due to the fact that we had to be quiet by 10:30pm or head to the on-site bar. We visited the bar one night and it was great, we had a fantastic time.

As the accommodation was self-catered we headed to the local supermarket, located just across the road for supplies. It was fun trying to cook for everyone, but some nights we gave ourselves time off and either went to the on-site restaurant, McDonald’s or stayed in Rome for an evening meal. For some reason the only pictures of food I took were of our not so notable meals, I keep these as a reminder of my poor cuisine choices, although we did enjoy some lovey meals at some very nice restaurants! This includes the pizza and soft drink for 8 EUROS, which I was overjoyed with.


On a map, Aurelia looks quite far away from Rome but when you’re there it’s not too bad. We had to pay for a one-week transport pass for the metro, bus, and train. To get to Rome we took a bus to the local town, where we looked around the small market and in a few of the shops before heading to the metro that took us straight to Rome.

Exploring Rome

As you are probably aware, there’s a lot to see in Rome and with only a few days planned into our schedule to visit the city we didn’t want to waste a minute.

The first day was hot and walking seemed like a chore but we popped on our shoes and took to the Coliseum. Of course, this was the first stop, who would go to Rome and not visit this iconic structure? We were pleasantly surprised by the price, as members of the EU we got half price tickets for this attraction and Augustus forum.

The Coliseum is an amazing place to visit with every area having some form of notable story to tell, whether that’s the structures battle wounds or the reason it was constructed it has a long and interesting history. We then stopped at Circus Maximus before heading to the Altare della Patria.

Altare della Patria, was a place I had never heard of but the grand exterior drew me in. We took a lift to the roof and the view was breathtaking,  we couldn’t stay for long though as one of our friends is afraid of heights so we took a few snaps and off we went.

From here we took to the Trevi Fountain, which to my surprise was down a narrow cobbled street. For some reason, I had thought of this as being in a large square not hidden away. We made a wish, bought a few trinkets and went for some pizza.

This day seemed to last forever and the soles of my shoes were beginning to ware. We wondered for a long time trying to find Augustus Forum but did not make it (which was fine because I have since visited).

Our second day in Rome we visited St Paul’s Cathedral, Vatican. This area has a different feel to the more ancient area of Rome. Vatican City was very clean and had a fresh feel to it and the Cathedral was a busy place.


There are so many places to visit in Rome and so much to see I am glad I have had the opportunity to return. Although I loved Rome, Paris is my favourite city so far, which surprised me because I always thought Rome would be.