Summer 2017 Plans

It’s nearly summer and I’m hoping for the sunshine so I can get a bit of a tan instead of remaining this very pale colour I currently am.

Every year during the 6 week holiday I like to try and do something every weekend that we can enjoy as a family. Here is my 6-week summer plan.

Summer – Week 1


This week I’m off work and going to Jersey for a few days. The main reason for the trip is to visit our friends but as we’re currently paying for a wedding we thought we’d make it into a family get away.

Already the flights have been delayed and cancelled but I’m still hoping for a flight that’s on time – unlike the last time I visited Jersey (that’s another story).

Every morning I plan to get up and go swimming, the hotel we’re staying in has a waterslide, an indoor and outdoor pool, and a Flowrider.

Whilst we’re there we want to take a rib ride and visit the surrounding islands. During the ride, there’s the opportunity to see dolphins and seals as well as enjoy a picnic on one of the islands. This definitely sounds like something my son would like – this is a must. Other days we’ll enjoy as and when they arrive.

In the evenings there are a few places to go including the cinema, an arcade and the beaches – all of which are suitable for children and adults. Our biggest battle will be finding somewhere to eat for 3 nights!

Summer – Week 2


Back to work this week, so it’s the weekend that interests me. As we will have been away the week before we’ll need to do something that’s kind on the pocket. The plan is to head to Moel Famau and take a picnic if the weather’s nice – if not we’ll head to the cinema or bowling alley.

Alternatively, we can put on out woolly hats and gloves (like in the pic above) and stick to our original plans.

Summer – Week 3


We’re off to the zoo. Our closest zoo is Chester and it’s and it’s a must visit in the summer. Our last visit was at Christmas when the lanterns are on display. In the summer we mostly look forward to visiting the elephants, bats, tigers and monkeys, but this year we can see the island’s that we missed last summer.

Summer – Week 4



Again, if it’s sunny we’ll be off to the beach – Morfa Nefyn in North Wales is my favourite. This beach is in a beautiful cove where if you’re lucky enough to own a boat you can moor up and enjoy the day at this beautiful beach. There’s also a pub that sells food in case you forget to bring something with you. Otherwise, it’s off to the swimming baths.

Summer – Week 5


Come rain or shine it’s off to Alton Towers. We usually visit about 3 or 4 times a year but this time will be our first visit this year (maybe even our only visit). My favourite ride in Alton Towers is Thirteen but we enjoy most the large rides, it’s just the queuing times that are annoying.

When we visit we take as little as possible because lugging things around is just not fun. As soon as we enter the park we purchase a refillable bottle and plan where we’ll be eating. To save the queue upon entry we pre-book our tickets and this year the vouchers from Kellogg’s products have an online discount code, so you don’t have to use them at the gate – YES!

Summer – Week 6


This weekend we’re meant to be taking a trip abroad with the whole family for my brother’s 16th birthday.  As of yet we still don’t know where we’re going but it’ll be somewhere warm with a lovely sandy beach.

Have you got any other summer trip suggestions? Let me know I’m always looking to visit new places.