A Truly Luxury Getaway

Everyone has different perceptions of luxury and generally this is judged by price. However, this can be misleading, just because something costs more doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. Let’s talk luxury…

I love to treat myself and when I travel this is of high importance. At this point in my life, I can’t afford to experience the high-end luxury, although I have (for free) as part of past jobs and it made me want to live it more and more. Now I try to find luxury whenever I travel and with websites such as Airbnb this has become simpler than ever. Okay, this may not be fully serviced luxury but the stories and experiences make for amazing conversations.

Travelling in High-End Luxury

Starting at the top of the scale we have places like Cap Ferrat and Monaco which as we all know are about as luxurious as it can get. These places can be visited and experienced on a low budget but it’s where you choose to stay and the things you do that can really make the difference.

Many of the properties here (high-end property) will be rented during the summer for a month at a time or for the whole summer period. During this time there are a few things a truly luxurious experience requires, these include; a chef and cook, housekeeper, maid service, hostess, chauffeur, gardener, and travel expert. Many of these people will be in with the price, although on occasion may be extra.

High-end luxury isn’t just about the services but the facilities too, your rental home may have a wine cellar, cinema room, library, private pool, en-suite, and on occasion hidden passageways for all staff. This last one can be strange if you have never experienced it before for example once I went to the toilet and 2 minutes later realised I had left my phone when I went back for it the toilet paper had been folded into a point and the toilet cleaned! I personally find this creepy and can’t understand why anyone would need this when on holiday.

Affordable Luxury

In my experience, it is possible to have a luxury holiday on a budget you just have to read reviews and spend a little more time researching your property. Firstly, you need to know what luxury means to you. For me I view luxury in three key steps:

  1. Where is the property located? Do I want to be near a beach, overlooking a beach, in the countryside with a panoramic view or in the hustle and bustle of the city? Each one of these locations will mean very different things, for example, ‘luxury’ on a beach holiday means private pool or residential small cove. When in the countryside I’d be looking for a balcony or large windows offering views to the outdoors.
  2. How often is it cleaned? A holiday to me means no cleaning, I do this every day at home so if I have to clean I am not happy. Obviously, I do believe in maintaining a tidy environment, no one should have to clean up a disgusting mess, in fact when I travel you’d barely know I was there. Still, the bedding should be changed regularly (I only like white sheets) and the toilet cleaned daily. This is something that I check before choosing my place to stay.
  3. Will I meet the owners? Sometimes luxury experiences can be about the people you meet just as much as the accommodation or attractions you visit. In the past, I have stayed on the grounds of a large manor where I was greeted with a warm welcome and insight to the local area.

All travel experiences make for interesting stories, the good and the bad, whether luxurious or not. But, what interests me is people’s perception of luxury because now I have experienced the higher end I realise that it’s not necessarily what I would want.