Our Weekend at Thorpe Park

As someone who regularly visits Alton Towers and Legoland, I thought I’d give another Merlin attraction a go.  So for my brother’s 16th birthday, we headed down South to visit Thorpe Park.

After oversleeping we left at 5:00 am and the weather was awful, so we packed ready for winter. At 9:30 we got to Thorpe Park and it was evident the dreary weather from North Wales had not followed us there, we were very hot and had no suncream.

When we got to the park I was happy to see so much security, everyone’s bags were checked before entering and although this was a long process I was pleased it was happening.

Once I had been embarrassed by my Dad complaining about having to pay to park we were ready to enter. To be honest, I do think it’s appalling that we’re expected to pay for parking when we pay £51.50 per adult to enter, and a child’s ticket isn’t much cheaper. Never the less I wasn’t going to say anything to the guy sitting in the booth selling the tickets.


When we eventually entered the park my son was excited as he could see the roller coasters. The good thing about getting to the theme park early is that you can beat the long queues and get on the rides within 5 minutes.


The first ride we went on was Tidal Wave, which was really good. I have never been on a water ride that gets you so wet, we were drenched – so it was a good thing that the sun was shining. If we were to go again I’d probably go on this ride at midday, when the weather’s at its hottest but whilst you’ve still got time to dry off. Although the queue to this ride did reach 50 minutes by midday and I wouldn’t have waited in that.


Just around the corner is Angry Birds land and as soon as we saw the large angry birds there was no stopping my son, we had to visit that area next. We went to watch the Angry Birds 4D experience – mainly to get out of the sun for a little while, and it was really good, all of us enjoyed watching the short film and would definitely watch it again. There were also some bumper cars that my son and Dad went whilst the rest of us went on Stealth.

Stealth at Thorpe Park


Located in the Amity area of the resort this rollercoaster looks very pleasing to thrill seekers. The coaster takes you from 0-80mph to 205ft in under 2 seconds and it’s a great experience, for those who love roller coasters. We liked this one so much that we went on it twice. Compared to the queues we’re used to standing in at Alton Towers this was very quick to get on.

Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park

We then headed to Nemesis Inferno, which in my opinion isn’t as good as Nemesis but it’s still fun. Opening in 2003 this rollercoaster has been part of the park for over 10 years and was originally modelled on the Alton Towers version. The ride is themed around a volcano but feels quite squashed amongst its surroundings. Again we walked straight onto this ride as the monitor said it was unavailable – but it wasn’t.

After stopping for a bite to eat we then ventured over to the river rapids, which my dad who is terrified of rides went on! To be honest, the ride wasn’t very long and there weren’t many areas where you could get wet, I prefer the rapids at LegoLand!


As we were venturing over to Old Town we stopped near the surrounding lake where there were people doing watersports. It was here we decided to have some lunch when the local ducks came over! I didn’t realise that Thorpe Park was on an island and its location is actually very picturesque. Although I’d imagine this makes any expansion very difficult. Due to this, the park is nowhere near the size of Alton Towers and you can easily get around in a day – if t there are no queues.


One area that I thought was both practical and fun was the beach where adults with smaller children can chill whilst those who love rides can enjoy themselves – everyone’s a winner. On the beach there ae some beach huts that you can rent out. There’s also water rides that you can enjoy without having to wear a swimming costume.

Heading over to Saw the ride you will find Colossus, which I found hurt my head as it seems a little older than the other rollercoasters.

Colossus at Thorpe Park

This was the park’s first large attraction and you can tell as I said it’s not that comfy!

Next to Colossus is Saw the Ride, which by the time we got to it had a long wait so we gave it a miss. Although it did look like it’d be a good ride

Near these rides was a chocolate fountain so I have marshmallows and strawberries – perhaps the favourite part of my day

Heading back towards the entrance we went on the water rides and some of the smaller fair ground like rides. Which were perfect for my son who isn’t 1.4m yet, which is the height restriction on the larger coasters.

The Swarm at Thorpe Park

Finally we went on The Swarm. Surrounded by a plane crash scene and sounds of the emergency services this area really sets the scene. Plus there are planes from Heathrow flying over head.

The Swarm was my favourite ride on the park and looks the best, in my opinion. Although it didn’t feel very fast and didn’t last for as long as I expected. One good thing about this ride is that we didn’t have to queue for long due to the monitor displaying that it was unavailable – which was not accurate bit again cut the queing time right down.

The only ride that I haven’t mentioned that stood out was Darren Brown’s ghost train. I don’t like ghost trains so we didn’t experience this, although it looks good and the building it’s set in looks good too.

All in all it’s definitely worth a trip if you like that kind of thing.


Sophie x.