When I was a student, we had many lectures and seminars on sustainable tourism and this is a concept that is still hugely relevant and that we can all consider when travelling.

Firstly, what is sustainable tourism? Well, it is about creating a positive impact on the place you are visiting through the economy, environment, and society. This post is going to provide 5 main tips that I have learned from my course and put into practice when travelling myself.

Searching for Accommodation

Jersey Accommodation

Using large booking sites may generally save us money but it can cost accommodation providers a lot to feature on aggregator websites in the first place. In the past, I have found a hotel online and have called them directly which has resulted in a lovely room with a view for the same price as a general room on a comparison site, due to the accommodation provider retaining a larger part of the fee.

Keep it Local

Shop Local

When travelling it is nice to get a real understanding of local culture by dining and shopping in store and restaurants owned by locals, but also where the food and products served are sourced locally.

This can require research but nowadays it is easier than ever before, you can simply ask your accommodation provider or the restaurant where their products come from before deciding to eat or shop there. By ensuring produce is from local providers and spending time in places owned by locals you are helping the local economy, rather than giving money to large chain restaurants or stores.

For example when in Sicily we ate in restaurants that advertised fresh products sourced from the local area, and you may find many businesses use this as a selling point.

In Your Hotel

You may not be able to control the way a hotel works but there are some things you can do to assist in sustainability, here are some ideas below:

  • Put your towels away once used and do not leave them lying around or in the bath after every wash, as they will be washed every day unnecessarily. Instead, consider using them a couple of times before leaving them out to be cleaned;
  • This is an obvious one, but turn off anything you are not using such as lights in rooms you are not in, and the television;
  • Be mindful when using the A/C, consider opening the doors if you are in the room, or finding a shaded area to relax if you are tired of the heat;
  • On days you do not need the room to be changed or cleaned leave the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door to avoid unnecessary cleaning.

Getting Around


When at your destination think of alternative transport options such as bikes, hikes, and buses. Again, this is something to consider before choosing your accommodation location as you should ensure you are close to a train/bus station or within walking distance to local amenities, alternatively look at cycling routes.

When in France I try to cycle as they have brilliant routes, compared to the UK anyway! This is the perfect way to get around in cities and small towns to decrease your impact on the environment.

If you do use a taxi then try tipping your driver, as in many countries the income is not great and this could be direct profit for their wage.


You can recycle in many ways and not just by placing things in a recycle bin, here are some simple ideas:

  • Reuse plastic water bottles – simple!
  • Give any maps or brochures you no longer need to other tourists, or return them to reception/tourist office;
  • If you plan on throwing old clothes or cheap clothes away to make room for new items, ask around for places you may be able to take them for others to make use of;
  • If you have leftover toiletries, take them home.

These are easy things to do and I hope you will consider doing them on your next trip. I am sure there are other things you could suggest and I am interested to hear what you do to help with sustainability please share below 👇👇

Three Places I’d Love to Spend This Winter

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, the world seems at peace in my merry little world and all of the warm colours begin to appear. From the orange leaves to the crisp frosty air this is the best time of year.  

The only downside is the lack of snow we have in the UK, in one way it’s a good thing as we don’t handle extreme weather too well but on the other hand, a white Christmas would be lovely. In this blog post, I’m going to take a look at how the three places I think I’d like to spend these months celebrate Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

California at Halloween

Don’t ask me why California, I seem to have an obsession but I’d also like to visit Salem! I have heard many people talk about parties and haunted mansions in California but I’d stick to the more child-friendly activities. The American festivities seem much more fun than that of the UK although in recent years we have started to branch out.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Horror Nights seem amazing but not family friendly so we’d probably end up at Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party!

Halloween in California would be incredible but lately, I’ve become fascinated by the Day of the Dead in Mexico, which is a much nicer way to look at the after life other than Halloween.

Austria at Christmas

Austria is at the top of my list of places to visit and going there at Christmas time would be perfect. Visiting the village of St Anton, where it is not as busy as Innsbruck but still has plenty of ski slopes and shopping opportunities. Even if there is no guarantee of snow the surroundings look breathtaking and after visiting the Swiss and French Alps during the summertime I can’t imagine I’d be disappointed either way.

The accommodation in this area also looks out of this world. A lot of the accommodation will only accept 7 nights plus and some 4 weeks which makes the price higher, especially for a premium property. This is why I will probably have to hold out for that luxury stay.

On Christmas day I’d like to just lounge around a warm living room with log fire and hot chocolate, with the whole family, of course, playing board games and waiting for the dinner to be cooked (by the husband).

France at New Year

I have been to various places in France during various seasons and I’ say that everywhere I’ve visited has not been disappointing. I have spent New Year in Disneyland Paris and News Years Day in Paris itself but I’d love to rent a lovely house for my whole family in Provence and welcome in the New Year.

Staying somewhere like Fayence would be ideal for my plans, just a short journey to the golden coast of Cannes and the luxurious Monaco it would be a great place to spend a couple of days exploring and the rest of the time relaxing.

Provence seems like the perfect place to me, not too far from the South of France but still far enough to be peaceful and not too busy. Obviously, a home with a glorious scenery would create the perfect setting but as I am not a millionaire I wouldn’t be too picky!

All of these dream holidays are on my bucket list which hopefully one day will become reality!

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

If you’re planning a trip to North Wales this summer the Aqueduct is a great place to visit, although if you’re not great with heights you may want to give it a miss!

This weekend we decided to take a morning stroll, living in North Wales we are spoilt for choice when it comes to walking routes. My partner isn’t fond of walking so we needed to find somewhere that could hold his attention as well as mine.

The Aqueduct isn’t far from Llangollen and is a peaceful walk along the canal. There is also a FREE carpark which I find to be a rare thing nowadays. Once you have parked up in one of the two car parks, you can go straight to the aqueduct and start your walk or enjoy refreshments on the cafe boat (barge).

There are plenty of light bites available at the cafe boat including sandwiches, and warm dishes too. The food was nice and there’s a surprising amount of choice considering it’s such a small preparation area.

As well as the cafe there’s also a visitors centre, reception, and plenty of ducks to keep you company!


The area is picturesque and is very peaceful. The aqueduct itself is 38m in height and has a badge passage running alongside the pathway – which is just wide enough for two people to cross together. If you don’t fancy walking you can hire a badge for the day and enjoy the waterways. There’s also a boat trip to Llangollen (1 way) which can take up to 4 hours.

Once you’re at the highest point the view is beautiful, the image below shows the view to the lefthand side.


At the other side, the path continues to run along the canal, where there are some nice houses and quiet farmlands to enjoy. The path is quite long, so we didn’t walk all the way as the path can take you to Shrewsbury and that’s one heck of a walk that I’ll be saving for another day.

It’s a free day out for the family and can be really enjoyable.

Sophie x.