The World at Your Fingertips

Recently I just moved into my own home and have noticed that my interior style is very minimalistic, so I have decided that I need to bring a little culture to the place. 

Most people have an idea of what their ideal decor would look like including the furniture, colour pallet, and layout. But why not take a while to research some different styles that you may not have seen before?

The world is full of individuals whose styles vary and culture, history, local trends, economics, and sociology all play a roll in our choices. For this reason every country, and in some cases region will have its own sense of style broadening our interior options, and nowadays we don’t have to even travel to be inspired (although that would be ideal) we can just research these styles using books, the internet, social media, and interior magazines.

Here are some styles that caught my eye:

Moroccan Style


When travelling to Marrakech I noticed a lot of the interiors and exteriors used patterned tiles for decoration, this would be a relatively simple way of incorporating a different style in my home but as we are DIYing it could take a while.

Alternatively taking inspiration from the red city of Morocco we could incorporate this paint in our interiors. Perhaps this would look nice as presented in the above image pairing the paint with tiling.

Scandinavian Style

I recently came across this blog – and felt very inspired by the fresh finish of and well-polished style. This is something I aspire to have in my home but realise it will take a while to get this point.

The Scandinavian style seems to use white as a base point along with quirky shaped furniture and the odd pop of colour. This is the style I’d like for my kitchen and dining room.

The French Way

Having been to France a few times you would think I would have taken some images of places I have stayed but it would appear not. The French style I refer to is the Parisian style with large antique mirrors and rustic shabby chic furniture, I imagine this style would sit well in my bedroom.

Large chandelier’s and a fabric covered chair would look good in the hallway when entering the home.

Brazilian Interiors

I think that Brazilian interiors resemble a ski chalet for the summertime using polished smooth wood or stone with colourfully patterned furniture to accompany. The lack of paint and wallpaper brings the outdoors in and is a lovely feel when the sunshine is out.

This style would work well in a living room especially one with large windows that let in lots of natural light.

I am sure there are many more styles but these are the ones that really stand out to me. If you have any styles that stand out let me know because I am in search of inspiration.

Discovering Craft Chocolate

Travelling the world is a dream of mine and chocolate is one of my favourite treats, so why wouldn’t I want to mix the two? This magical idea come to mind during Easter when I was tucking into my regular chocolate eggs and wondered what other types of chocolate were out there and where could I get my hands on them.

Recently I discovered craft chocolate bars, which are on the rise in the UK you will be pleased to know. This luxury chocolate is a completely new experience that differs from the chocolate you may find in the local shop. The product is created from only the finest ingredients and is more of an art form than a mass-produced product. So, where in the world can you find some of the best craft chocolate?

Craft Chocolate in Switzerland

Okay, this may be the most obvious place to start but for good reason, this really is some of the most delicious. From Geneva to Zurich you could easily do a tour of chocolatiers here, discovering the history of the process.

What is nice about Switzerland is that there is a long history of crafting chocolate and many families still own their original businesses today. The earliest story I have heard of is of the Favarger family who began making chocolate in 1826, now they present the process from their location on Quai des Bergues in Geneva.

If you are not in Geneva then perhaps Zurich is a simpler stop for you with 170 years of chocolate making history, there’s a lot of chocolate to be enjoyed. Here you can taste this delicate chocolate in luxury surrounded by chandeliers and tapestries at Peclard.

Switzerland isn’t the only place with a history all chocolate lovers will enjoy, heading to Belgium there’s much more to be discovered.

Craft Chocolate in Belgium

More specifically, we are focusing on Brussels and the old part of the city, The Sablon neighbourhood. This area is a haven for art, chocolate, and antiques, many of the most famous chocolatiers have visited to taste the most popular brands: Godiva, Wittamer, and Marcolini to name a few.

But Europe isn’t the only place that craft chocolate can be indulged, let’s head somewhere that offers a slightly different chocolate experience.

Craft Chocolate in Vietnam

The UK isn’t the only place seeing a rise in craft chocolate, Vietnam has also seen an increase in demand. In 2011 two men from France created the brand Marou, these chocolate bars mix fruit, tobacco, spices and many more flavours to create the unusual tasting chocolate bars. Although this brand can be purchased internationally there’s nothing like a stop onsite at café Maison Marou.

Craft Chocolate in the USA

Over the last 10 years, there has been an increase in small chocolatiers have begun redefining the chocolate industry in America, with small businesses revisiting their roots and turning to craft chocolate across America.

The most intriguing craft chocolate bars I have heard of from the USA is about Patric, based in Utah. The story here is an interesting read and the chocolate is made from scratch and is available in a variety of flavours. This is a good choice for lovers of organic food and those who shop Fair Trade.

This is only one example of the many, many chocolatiers that can be found in America, so travelling here and spending months touring the chocolate seen would be my dream.

Craft Chocolate in the UK

Finally, we mentioned earlier that there is an uplift in craft chocolate in the UK, but where exactly can we find it?

Known as bean-to-bar chocolate makers these artists bring the best cacao to the UK to produce the finest chocolate bars, and here is where you can taste this meticulously made chocolate:

Willie’s Cacao – a well-known craft chocolate producer, sourcing their beans from Africa, Asia, and America he has a lot to offer.

Duffy’s – since 2008 this brand has been producing small batches of bars, sourcing their beans across the globe and supporting the makers and growers of the cacao.

Chocolate Tree – with two locations in the UK, one being a chocolate factory this company offers the chance to taste the chocolate onsite and experience the flavours.

This is a definite future holiday for me. Well, 4 holidays, and some domestic travel. I have only had the chance to taste craft chocolate in France in the lovely Cap d’Antibes and think it is worth a taste.

Australia’s Most Unforgettable Adventures

Australia is a gigantic country with so many things to see and experiences to try out on land and at sea, which can make it tough for the average traveller to narrow down their itinerary and ensure that they pack in as much of the good stuff as possible.

If you’re the adventurous type, let us help you out by showing you some of the most unforgettable adventures you can have in Australia:

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef


Image Source

One of the Natural Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing attraction. So large it can be seen from space, you could easily spend your whole holiday exploring the reef, checking out the tropical fish, befriending any dolphins you come across and learning how to dive, but then you wouldn’t get to experience these other fine adventures, right?

Camp on Cockatoo Island


Image from Flickr: Nicki Mannix

Cockatoo Island is located slap bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour, so it’s pretty easy to get to. Actually, it was the place where convicts would be placed in the past at one point, and later it was used as a place to repair ships damaged in World war II. Its history, which is very evident on the island, gives it a unique and slightly eerie atmosphere, which is perfect for telling tales around the campfire, and the views out around Sydney Harbour are pretty special too. If you do plan to camp, the Outdoor Supacentre is the best place to get yourself kitted out in Australia, and it’s a good idea to get your camping equipment over there. Why? Because the baggage charges could be quite high unless you’re going right back to basics.

Skydive Over Byron Bay


Image Source

Byron Bay in New South Wales is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. It is also one of the best places to surf, watch whales and snorkel, which you should do off Julian Rocks for the best experience, so camping there with makes a huge amount of sense. The exhilaration you feel will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced!

White Water Rafting Along Franklin River

If you’re into your watersports and you want to try something that will give you a challenge and get your adrenaline pumping, you can’t beat a white water rafting adventure down the challenging Franklin River. Strap yourself in – it’ll be a bumpy ride.

Explore Nature at Karijini National Park

Slickr Image

Image from Flickr: Tehani Schroeder

Karijini National Park is one of the most incredible natural spaces on the planet – and Australia is home to a lot of them- what makes it so special is the fact that you get to visit a lot of remote stretched like Hancock Gorge (providing you have a guide) and the fact that you can swim, abseil and even sail over a waterfall when you’re done watching the wildlife do what they do in a totally natural environment.

Try out any of these unforgettable Australian adventures, and you won’t be disappointed – they will make your holiday even more special.

Why Wouldn’t You Walk On The Wild Side When In Australia?

When we think of Australia, most of us think the words ‘natural beauty.’. This country, with its diverse landscapes, offers some natural experiences you’d never get elsewhere. From sprawling desserts to budding rainforests; the Australian landscape has it all. And did we mention there’s some pretty cool wildlife? It’s no wonder so many people decide to walk on the wild side during a stay here.

In fact, it would be near enough criminal to spend an Australian trip by the swimming pool. The thought is enough to turn the stomach. So much wasted opportunity! And, because we don’t want you wasting your time, we’re going to look at a few of the ways you can really walk on the wild side during your Australian visit.

Sleep under the stars


Image Source

First, consider where you’re going to sleep. Lucky for you, it’s easy as anything to incorporate the natural aspect of Australia into your plans. All you need to do is sleep under the stars during your stay. The hot temperatures during summer make this entirely workable. What’s more, downloading something like the Spaceship App ensures you can find free or cheap campsites. This option is ideal because it allows you to move around. You’ll also get a real feel for natural beauty. Of course, camping isn’t for everyone. In that case, you might prefer to stay in a caravan which is one step removed. Or, you might still opt to stay in a hotel. In that case, turn to companies like Ovolo Hotels who can even help you find out how to book hotel in Canberra city which brings nature inside through furniture and design. That way, you won’t have to leave comfort to get the benefit of nature at all.

Know the natural icons


Image Source

It would be criminal to travel somewhere like Australia and not visit iconic natural icons. But, there’s no way you can do that unless you know what they are. As such, it’s essential you do your research beforehand. That way, you can be sure you don’t miss out on some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the world. Obviously, The Great Barrier Reef is of note. This is the largest living thing on Earth, and can even be seen from space. So, get over to see it! Other must-sees include sandstone monolith Uluru, and rainforests such as Daintree. Get researching, and make sure you don’t miss anything off that list.

Wherever there is wildlife


Image from Flickr: source

It’s also worth noting that Australia has some iconic wildlife you won’t find anywhere else in the world. So, make sure to take time out for these, too. Obviously top of this list is kangaroos and koalas. Go home without seeing each of these, and you’ll get looks of scorn from everyone you meet. To make sure you don’t miss out, why not embrace Australian wildlife by volunteering at a koala sanctuary? That way, no one will be able to say that you didn’t make the most of the opportunity.

Where will Spring take you?

This weekend presents the perfect opportunity to take a holiday, but where is best to go in the springtime? Here, I’m taking a look at some beautiful spots that are less than 5 hours away on a plane.

We all travel for different reasons from the weather to escaping day-to-day life and a long weekend like Easter is a great time to do this, without using your work holidays (that’s if you don’t work over Easter of course).

Personally, I like to use Easter to do some domestic travelling and leave the short-haul flights for when I have a little extra time. But, there are plenty of places to explore if you prefer to venture further afield.


Visiting Iceland seems to be a trend at the moment, everyone I speak to is either going, has been, or is planning to go. This is no surprise it has a lot to offer:

Blue Lagoon

Featured on a lot of programmes and definitely on my bucket list. Located on a lave field in Grindavik this spa is rich in minerals and has a reputation for helping those suffering from skin conditions. Although the sound of bathing in a pool lagoon of with strangers may not appeal to some, it is actually one of the most visited attractions in Iceland.


Sitting on the same peninsula as the Blue Lagoon and a 2-hour journey by car the Geysir is a geyser.  A geyser is a natural spring that erupts water high into the air.  As one of the worlds most fascinating wonders, it is a must-see during your trip to Iceland.

Lofthellir Cave

In the northeastern part of Iceland, there is a 3,500-year-old lava cave described as a magical world of ice and darkness. This is a perfect stop for those taking a driving tour of Iceland, although there’s also a little walking involved across the lava field before you reach the cave.



A great stop for Spring with a lot to see and do, including drink vodka. Drinking vodka here is more of an experience as it is available in a variety of colours and flavours. To accompany the vodka try some Polish cuisine, with unusual side dishes and seasonings (well to my palate anyway). There are also plenty of historic places to visit:


A colourful port city on the Baltic has stories to tell and is the perfect shopping destination. You can view the 17th century Neptune Fountain which is topped the sea god in bronze or visit the European Solidarity Centre where you can learn about the shipyard revolt, through a unique display.


A trip to Poland is not complete without visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau and remembering the tragedy of WWII. On this site, millions of people were murdered and the preservation of the area brings this horror to life, allowing all who visit to learn, as well as be a reminder that this should never happen again.



A beautiful place to visit during the springtime, home to amazing scenery and florally decorated landscapes. This is a lovely place for those who appreciate nature.

Rose Garden

This free to visit garden offers stunning views, especially if you walk all the way to the top, where you will find Piazzale Michelangelo. The air surrounding the garden is filled with the scent of flowers, soothing the soul and making the walk relaxing and peaceful.

Galleria degli Uffizi

One for the art lovers, this marvellous museum holds some of the most renowned pieces of artwork. But, if you want to get in you may have to wait a while, as only small groups are allowed in at one time, or you can simply book online – which seems like the sensible option.



Last summer we visited Jersey and had a lovely time, home to glorious beaches and the war tunnels we enjoyed exploring the island.

When in Jersey you can also take a day trip to France, we visited St Malo in Brittany which did not take too long to get to on ferry.

War Tunnels

An interesting and slightly eery experience as you explore the underground tunnels from WWII. The layout of the attraction is well done, with the opportunity to follow the stories of real people from that time. This is a good spot to learn about the war and what life was really like for German soldiers and the people of Jersey.


My favourite beach of the trip with large caves to discover and golden sands this beach was the perfect spot on a sunny day. There is also a shop that sells hot food and refreshments.


Home to many attractions especially during spring time when the Truro Festival takes place. There are marquees with local businesses and plenty of places to dine. I have visited Cornwall a few times and these have been my favourite spots.

The Eden Project

Be at one with nature and learn about plants, insects, and bugs. Or take to the adventure activities as you defy gravity and hit the skywire.

Caerhays Castle

It is springtime so head to the castle gardens 140 acres of tranquil and scenic walks and woodland. But it doesn’t stop there as part of the estate you can explore the beaches and the castle itself.

There are plenty of places to explore over the Easter holiday or during Spring and it would be great to know your plans.

Hen Party: which location?

Hen parties are a time of fun and laughter and forgetting your inhibitions and the majority of the time the hen has no idea what’s going to happen. This is true for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t guide the process.

These days more and more people are heading overseas for their hen party and why not when prices are so good. However, not everyone can afford this or wants to do this. I’m in between I’d love to experience an overseas getaway but at the same time I know that not everyone can afford it, not all of my friends have a passport, and the majority have children and not many babysitter options. For all of these reasons, this post will focus on UK hen parties that appeal to me, here are my top five places.

Why Liverpool?


Image via Pixabay

Liverpool is a vibrant city with plenty of lovely people. If you are looking to stay for a whole weekend, there are plenty of hotels and apartments all offering reasonable rates. A hen party in Liverpool can be both wild and sophisticated with plenty of places to visit and actives to enjoy; from a quiet relaxing spa day to a night drinking, dancing and watching Dreamboys.

Why Cardiff?

Cardiff is an eventful city with lots going on, unfortunately, I have never been but I have heard all about it.

When searching for hen party experiences in Cardiff many things appeared including pamper days, go-karting, quad biking and a trip to the casino. It would be the casino for me.

Why Bristol?


Image via Pixabay

Now I have had the honour of experiencing a hen party in Bristol and it was brilliant, yet sophisticated. It started with a spa day and a trip to an escape room – what a great start, an escape room gets people who don’t really know each other talking and provides the perfect start to an event.

We had a meal in The Alchemist, which was lovely as always and then headed to PRYZM where we had a private booth, champagne, and cocktail.

The next morning when the drink had worn off we did a bit of retail therapy before heading home. This was a brilliant place to celebrate a hen party and I would be happy to visit again.

Go Rural

This is more my thing, an apartment or house with a chef, mixologist or just plenty of food and drink. Obviously, I’d fill the place with my closest friends and we’d have a good old-fashioned sleepover. There would be activities during the day like quad biking or a dance class and we would party all weekend.

You could stay go to North Wales or head down South, either way, the choice would be yours.

The thing is I am not sure there are any companies that specialise in this and doing each part separately would be difficult for the person in charge.

Why London?


The capital, probably the most expensive place to choose and the busiest, so this isn’t really for me unless heading to the West End.

The good thing about London is that you won’t be stuck for a place to stay or thing to do because there will be plenty of options. There are unusual hen activities to enjoy here such as Fried Chicken Afternoon Tea, a cat-themed hen party, and crafternoons.

In the past, I have found that the best way to organise a hen party is using a hen party planning website, where you each have an account and money is paid by the attendee rather than through one person trying to manage everyone.


Spa Day – DoubleTree by Hilton

A day of relaxation for the women in our family for our Mother’s 50th birthday. We would have loved to go to New York but finances wouldn’t allow it. 

Before choosing the spa day we had plenty of ideas for 50th birthday celebrations but the one thing missing from all of our lives is the time to relax. We started researching spas with good packages and that’s when we decided on the DoubleTree by Hilton.

The package was £90 and all of the below was included:

  • Spa day pass
  • Robe and slippers
  • Towel,
  • Afternoon tea
  • One treatment – I went for the ‘Restore Ritual’ which consisted of a back and shoulder massage and scrub down.

We arrived at the spa for 12am where we received a warm welcome, in fact, all staff were very friendly and welcoming. At the reception, we were handed our robes, slippers, and towels, at this point a was slightly disappointed as when my friend at had been previously she had received a cookie but ours must have got lost!


After a quick explanation was where everything was we headed to the changing rooms called ‘the Female’. I quite liked the names of all of the rooms which all began with ‘the’. The changing rooms were very clean and there was plenty of room for privacy if you did not want to change in front of others.

Once in our swimming costumes, we entered the spa, which had plenty of sun lounges for relaxing, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, aroma room and steam room. To be honest, I am not the best at relaxing, especially with people I don’t know, so I really enjoyed just taking some time to do a few lengths! Although the aroma room was nice too.

At 2:00pm we went for Afternoon Tea in the Garden Room, which was lovely but it felt strange walking past reception in a robe and slippers. Once seated you could see that most people in that area were all enjoying a spa day, so I felt much more relaxed. We sat and had tea, cakes, sandwiches, and scones which were all lovely and just what you would expect from Afternoon Tea.


Once full we went back to the spa for an hour before we headed to ‘the before’, the room where you have herbal tea or water before your treatment. We were then called one by one by the therapist to have our massage. This was lovely and relaxing, although I am extremely ticklish.

After the massage we were taken to ‘the after’, a room with beanbag type seats, a few sunbeds, and a drink machine. The lights were dimmed and the music was playing and everyone seemed to be asleep. Although, this was a lovely space we decided to make the most of the spa and headed back to the aroma room.

We ended the day with a meal at Marco Pierre White, the restaurant in the hotel. I had steak which was cooked to my taste and washed down with a strawberry Bellini. All in all, I was happy with the cleanliness of the spa and the staff who were all lovely. We had a wonderful day and would love to do it again.


Visiting Chester Zoo

Last weekend we went to Chester Zoo for the first time in many years, although I went often as a child. The weather was freezing but we still had a fab time.

As the zoo opens at 10am we got up and gathered the troops, in total nine of us went so plenty of food and beverages were required. As you can imagine there were several bags to carry so taking a little one was a good idea, this way the pram could be used to carry the bags! Until he got tired and needed it back for a nap.

The trip was with the family as part of my son’s birthday weekend. Since our last visit five years ago some of the enclosures have moved and been renovated and in quite a clever way. For example, the Tigers have plenty of space for privacy but their main (I suppose you could call it) chilling area is near the viewing point so you can get really nice pictures.

In the past, we have taken the general route around the zoo, which seems to be visiting the Elephants first and then making our way to the Giraffes. But, this time we started at the monkey house and then the bat cave, before taking the bridge to the Cheaters. This was a much better route because it was much quieter, although the zoo wasn’t exactly packed due to the weather conditions. Which wasn’t much of an issue as many of the animals have indoor areas, although the boats and monorail were closed.

The main issue for the children was that the park areas had been shut, you would think they wouldn’t be too fussed about this when they have a whole zoo to explore.

Zoo park

Near the large park is a food hall, we stopped at this point to tuck into our sandwiches and grab a hot drink. I am happy we took food with us as for two plates of fries it was £5 and to be honest when there are nine to feed that’s a little expensive.

From here we headed to the Lion’s, who were not happy, the male was roaring extremely loud. My son, who doesn’t like loud noises, was not impressed although the other children were enjoying it. I forget how loud their roar is and how scary it would be to hear in the wild with no protection.

Zoo Lion

From here we made our way to the Tigers, who are located in the new(er) part ‘The Islands’. When it’s not icy you have the option of taking a boat ride around the enclosures, which sounds like a lovely way to view them. The Islands are much bigger than I expected so before seeing the Tigers we walked around a tropical area which is home to many species of bird, fish, an alligator and turtles. The area reminded me of the Eden Project and is a nice addition.

Before leaving we had another hot drink (as there are plenty of places to purchase refreshments) and let the children run around, just like wild animals! We then headed to the Elephants, who were all indoors due to the cold weather, and finally took to the gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and the animals were very comical, we look forward to purchasing our annual passes so we can go throughout the summer when the weather is warm (hopefully).

What’s On Your Doorstep?

Travelling is sometimes a dream, a list of places I wish to visit before I am too old. But sometimes, especially on snowy days like today, I think about how lucky I am to live somewhere that actually has some lovely sights to explore.

As I sit here listening to my son begging to go outdoors and play in the snow, I started to think about a time when I’d be eager to get outside to just simply be outside. So, once I have written this post I will grab my warm boots, hat and gloves and take to the snow.

It’s not just the snow that makes me want to be outdoors but the sun too, and occasionally the rain. Near my home is a park that I think many locals take for granted. The park is big has a wood, stream, pond, swings, visitors centre and a lot of wildlife. Local schools visit and discover the natural habitats of badgers and foxes but when it comes to taking a walk for some reason we choose to head to the shops.

This weekend I will be taking my son to the park and exploring some of the places it has to offer. This isn’t the only area on my doorstep, when I take the time to stop and think about it there are several of places we could go.

Just a half an hour drive away is a beach, many complain “it’s not the best beach”, but who cares it’s there. This summer the aim is to take to the beach after work for fish and chips, or a picnic because we should be making the most of this area.

On rainy days, for some crazy reason I like to go for a walk and the mountains that wall the county I live in are perfect for this. Although, if it is windy it’s probably best to stick to a park or garden but if it’s just rain, well that never hurt anyone.

It may seem ridiculous that a plan has to be in place to visit these places, but these days it’s far too easy to stay indoors.

Domestic tourism is just as good as outbound, we just take it for granted sometimes or focus on the things we can’t do or can’t afford. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of caravan holidays at Greenacres, Black Rock Sands, Porthmadog. Located an hour and a half from my home and located on the Llyn Peninsula this area of North Wales has a lot to offer.

The beaches here are beautiful and the towns full of heritage, myths, and legends. It is a great part of the world to explore but is often lost by the idea of an exotic beach break. Of course, the chance of sun is touch and go, but if you’re lucky enough to get some it’s an ideal location.

Diverse Australia: Something for Everyone

It doesn’t get much better than a trip to Australia! The Land Down Under has long been a magnet for people from the UK, and with good reason. They have awesome beaches and weather, and a population that we can kind of think of as cousins. And of course, there are just about one million and one things to do while you’re there. Indeed, this might just be the best quality about Australia: it’s endlessly diverse, allowing visitors to do anything and everything that they enjoy. Below, we take a look at a few of the different type of adventures that await you on your trip.


In the City

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: three cities that are oh so different from one another, but all equally fascinating. While the majority of Australia might be empty space, the country really comes to life in the cities. There’s a famously laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of museums, art galleries, and shops to be explored, too. But perhaps the best thing about the cities is that they’re so picturesque. When the weather is sunny (which is basically always), there’s nothing really better than going for a stroll and soaking up all the good vibes that the cities bring.

To the Beach

The beaches are rightfully one of the biggest draws when it comes to Australian tourism. There are so many, and they’re so beautiful! Many feel like you’ve just stumbled upon heaven on earth. And they’re not just pretty, either: they’re fun. You can try your hand at surfing, and in some places put on snorkeling gear and explore the magic of life under the water. If you prefer to stay dry you can take a trip on a boat, like those offered at Whatever you do while you’re at the beaches, they’re sure to be a highlight of your trip!

The Mountains

Australia isn’t all cool cities and amazing beaches; it’s always an outdoor mecca, with plenty of stunning national parks and other areas that are perfect for hiking, cycling, camping and more. Perhaps the most famous of all is Kakadu National Park, which is located in the country’s Northern Territory. It’s massive, so you’ll want to plan your trip there to make sure that you see everything that you want to see!


Australia is one of the biggest countries on earth, but it has a population around a third of the UK. That means one thing: it’s a great road trip country! Renting a car and going for a cruise, especially along, say, the Great Ocean Road, should be high on the to-do list of everyone with a driver’s license.

The Sweet Life

Of course, there’s also another option: just relaxing! Australia is a relaxed place, and even if you’re doing nothing other than sitting back and enjoying a BBQ, then you can still consider the day a success. So don’t over plan your schedule: you’ll want to relax and see what life in Australia is all about!