Wedding Invites – Don’t Pay An Arm & A Leg

The price for wedding invitations can be high, to get the perfect design, material, and print. If you are thrifty, you can save a lot of money and still have unique invitations. Of course, if you are looking to cut costs then spend away!

Making them Unique

When choosing my invites all I knew was that they had to represent the day ahead. For me, this meant making them classic with a slight quirk.

We knew we had an engagement shoot coming up so decided to make the most out of it. Before the shoot, I prepared three chalkboards each containing details for the wedding – the date, place and time.

The images turned out well…


Printing the Invitations

Initially, we thought about designing and printing them ourselves which would have saved us a lot of money. Until I found a good deal on Vistaprint so went there to get them printed. For £70 I managed to get 90 prints in two slightly different designs, one for day guests and one for the evening.

Untitled design

We waited for about a week for these to be delivered, and very quickly and efficiently, we received them.

Completing the Design

To finish them off I went to Hobbycraft and bought some doilies and brown string. I am yet to get round to completing them but will update when I have…

Overall, we are very happy with our invitations and they were less than £100, now all that’s left to do is post them.


My Top 3 Wedding Venues


A lovely hotel, bar, restaurant located in Chester city centre this is the perfect place for a medium sized wedding, with an edge. The decoration is unusual, which is exactly what I’m looking for. The good thing about a wedding here is that there are four really lovely attic bedrooms which are available for you to hire for the wedding.  There are also apartments on the premises that can be hired too.

Wedding’s take place on the second floor, which is all for you. There is a bar, outdoor rooftop terrace, ceremony room and landing. The decoration is varied as each room has its own style.

Styal Lodge

A lovely lodge based just outside of Manchester, I really liked the look and contemporary style the lodge had to offer. Other than the commute relatives would have had to take to get there the price is what shocked me the most.

We were quoted such a high price just for the venue, this included nothing else! If you’re planning for a wedding I’m sure you can appreciate that each element takes the time to organise and commit to so when you’re paying for everything individually it can become very expensive.

Chirk Castle

This a beautiful place surrounded by manicured landscapes, and if I had the cash I would choose to get married here. Unfortunately, I do not and also don’t want to wait forever before getting married – well I don’t want to have grey hair and wrinkles (at my first wedding)!

If you’re looking for a grand wedding whether inside or out this is the venue you need to view. Located in North Wales the view from the castle grounds is unspoilt and the need for decoration is minimal – if you like medieval architecture. The castle was built between 1295 and 1310 and is still in excellent condition.

The castle grounds remind me of Alice in Wonderland with perfectly cut hedges and bushes – which make for beautiful pictures. There are also secret doors and other areas to the castle that are very private, meaning even when all the friends and family are there you’ll find a place to escape for a while.

Ran by the National Trust any wedding views will need to be made through them (well that was my experience) and that can be difficult as they never seem to have much time. Just replying to emails can be a waiting game.

The Decision

Eventually, after years! We settled on Oddfellows due to the price, the ready-made interior design and it’s perfect central spot in Chester city centre. We got a really good deal with mist things included in our price. ll we need to find now is;

  • A photographer
  • Flowers
  • Dress
  • Flower Girls Dress
  • Pre Wedding Picture
  • Suites
  • Rings
  • Some Table Decorations – which I’m planning on making myself!
  • Beautician, Hairdresser and Makeup

I think that’s everything but you never know!

Sophie x.